Sabrina Artadi and Her Glam Cookbook

I just love watching Lifestyle Network and the reason for this, is that, it is full of shows that are very informative and you get to see people, places and happenings that are very interesting.  One show that really got my attention is this cooking show Sabrina’s kitchen I was really amazed by how this lovely lady prepare sumptuous meal just like magic!

Her name is Sabrina Artadi!

I got curious about this beautiful lady who takes organized approach to cooking seriously with a bend.  I know that it is a cooking show but the way she execute the mastery was just like inviting you to her own home. Sabrina makes you feel like she is just teaching you how to prepare great meal without stressing your self out with the recipe.

Sabrina Artadi

sabrina     Her name really sounds so familiar to me and hearing the name Artadi is just like it belongs to a clan of the rich and famous.  So I immediately took out my iPad and google… There she was!  I was right, she was the beauty queen who represented the Philippines to the prestigious  Miss International Beauty Pageant and now she is the Queen of the Kitchen, as the saying goes “once a beauty queen always a beauty queen”.  I was just so amazed by how a beauty queen loves to eat and prepares food all by herself and for her family.

Sabrina’s kitchen

image     Sabrina’s skills for me reach to a higher level of cooking, I have this respect for chefs who cooks effortless and preparing the food in a very precise way, but that is not how we cook at home.  So I followed Sabrina’s Kitchen every week making sure I do not miss an episode just to learn the basics of how Sabrina prepares a sumptuous yet easy to serve meal.  Another thing I like about the way she presents herself is how the way she dresses up while cooking.  Sabrina’s taste in fashion is unique and unconventional, so I asked myself how could she cook with those dress?  It will be roasting, but I found out that this glamorous cook, does not just cook with fashion and style, but very economical.  She uses Heat Induction Stove for cooking, so it does not emit heat thus making her still looking fresh and composed.

Glam Cookbook

     While watching Sabrina’s Kitchen, I found out that she actually compiled all her recipes in one book and I told myself I will get a copy and cook like Sabrina.  Funny but it is true! Coming from a guy sounds so feminine, but who cares, I love to cook for my family too, and the way she cooks and her style is what I usually do anyway, innovative!  The cookware are kinda pricey but having those in my kitchen can be an investment to have.  It adds value to my kitchen!

Collage 2015-10-27 10_39_56-1     The ingredients are not hard to find, the first few episodes was kinda extravagant for regular people to buy, but when she started hoping around wet markets and showed that most of the ingredients can be easily found in the market was a big relief.  Although, most of the ingredients are available here in California, I can assure people that all those ingredients and spices are definitely available in the Philippines.

     When I thought of buying this cookbook, it never occur to me that it will just be one of those cookbooks I have collecting dust in my pantry.  The cookbook itself is just like a coffee table book,which made a good conversation piece for family and friends, is in the living room.

Her Great Skills

     Sabrina Artadi made an excellent job in showcasing her skills in cooking for her guest, friends and most of all her family.  What I love the most about her show is that you can actually tell that she wants to bring her family together and cooking is her medium in bring the ties closer. Her family looks so lovely together while sharing the food she prepared for them.  This is what a mother should be and she exceeded my expectation of being a homemaker, and she did it with style!

     I tried some of the recipes myself and I can tell that I have a lot to learn and perfect the skill, being a messy cook myself, I just thought to myself, when Sabrina mentioned that it does not have to be immaculately clean when you are cooking in the comfort of your own kitchen, what’s important is how you serve it, and serve it with love and passion.

     You can find her show on the LifeStyle Network I am not sure if it is also available on local channels, but it is worth watching.

     Of course get the book Sabrina Artadi’s Glam Cookbook if you wish to add glamour to your kitchen experiences.  You do not have to be a real socialite to experiment on this lifestyle but it is your kitchen and you are the queen of your own kitchen, just like Sabrina.


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