Top 14 Customer Service Representative Etiquette

Working as CSR or Customer Service Representative is a tough job.  In this job you have to be at your best all the time whether your encounter with a client or customer is in person or over the phone.

So let us cut to the chase and list down top 14 etiquette that a customer representative must follow in order to provide a good feedback from the client and a good salary raise that comes with the promotion.

  1. Be professional – always greet the customer at the start of the conversation, state your name or CSR number and the company you are representing.
  2. wpid-fb_img_1446002977239.jpgShow a happy disposition – always wear a smile and be polite, make the customer feel that you are very happy to assist them.
  3. Listen to the client carefully.
  4. You must have the knowledge to handle the client’s request
  5. You must always answer the question completely and precise.
  6. Communicate with the client clearly – feel the client (not touching) you can tell if the client is smart by the use of words and stay on top of it.
  7. Be helpful in responding to your client’s request.
  8. Confirm that the client understand the solution
  9. Speak with confidence
  10. Treat them as a valued customer
  11. Show genuine interest in assisting the client
  12. Be sure to make the client feel it is easy to do business with your company.
  13. Take ownership with the issue/inquiry.
  14. Do everything to provide your client with excellent service.

These are just some of the etiquette that a CSR must follow in order to provide a very welcome experience to your clients.


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