Dreaming of Snakes and its Meaning

Snake is one of the most deadliest animal on earth and being near or around one can be very scary, and dreaming about it can cause paranoia to certain people.

Snakes are known for different things depending on the culture.  To some culture it is associated with medical practice, some thinks of it as betrayal and some thinks it is a sign of sexual consciousness.

Depending on how you see snakes is how you look at it and how your cultural interpretation comes of it.  Dreaming about snakes can be nerve wracking at times, depending on how the encounter occurred.  There are so many interpretation online and as I read some of it, and dreaming about snakes made me realize how it was influenced by my current state.

Before you jump into something that can cause confusion and scare, try analyzing what state were you in before you went to bed and sleep.

  • are you worried about something?
  • are you single and have not had intimacy with someone?
  • are in the process of change?
  • are you sick or not feeling well?
  • are you anticipating something that can affect your life?
  • are you solving an issue or problem for the past few days?

These are just some questions that might help you interpret your dreams about snakes.

I asked about worrying of something because, snakes are known for it being unpredictable and deadly, these characteristics actually makes us worry when we dream of snakes, it is like being in front of one and you don’t know what and how the snake will behave when it sees you.

phallicSnakes in most culture is a phallic symbol or the male genitalia, and when you dream about snake it represents sexual arousal or the need for sexual intimacy.  Your subconscious mind is conveying a message that you are in heat or in need of sexual pleasure.

To some culture it is scary to dream of a snake because it means betrayal, that someone is betraying you or is going to betray or cheat on you.  Specially when the snake in your dream strikes you from behind.  If you entertain this kind of thought, the Law of Attraction can actually give you this scenario and might actually happens, so the first minute it came into your mind just try to erase it and think of a better interpretation that negating yourself.

medicalDreaming of a snake can also mean healing.  Again, snakes equals worry, and you might be worried that your illness can defeat you, but because in some cultures snakes means healing, your subconscious mind is telling you that your body is physically healing.

This can also mean mental, emotional, financial or whatever situation you think you are being drag down and feel unproductive or weak.  When you dream of snakes it means that you are on the process of healing and being well is definitely to be anticipated.

If you are facing problem or an issue and you are trying to resolve it, dreaming of a snake can be something to be thankful about, because it only means you are on the road to achieving the realization of your hard work in finding solution to the issue or problem.

If the snake strikes you in your dream it only means you are scared to face the problem or issue you are currently in.  But since your dream is about a snake, you know that it is nothing insurmountable.  It is just the fear that keeps you from going on and pushing yourself to find the solution.

Dreaming of a snake can also mean great changes in your life will happen anytime soon.  The reason for this interpretation is because snakes sheds and renew their skin and this is a good change to most people who needs affirmation.  Snakes feel weak and vulnerable during this process, this is why people tend to dream of snakes when they are feeling weak and vulnerable during the situation they are currently in and the fear of uncertainty and the unknown.

So dreaming about snakes whether they are tame, calm, or you are petting it, means that you are and should be under control of the situation.  Change the way you think when you dream about snakes, as the law of attraction says, always be optimistic when there is fear, because whatever you throw out into the universe, the universe will give it back to you.


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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