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For all the people who use vaporizers in lieu of a regular cigarette and would like to know what they are getting when purchasing a new set.

I have tried different affordable vaporizers out in the market just to see what really is the best one and what is good on the go.  In this review I will share with you the handiness of the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette.

When you buy a new set of Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette you will get the following; a clear rectangular container, a handy charger, a power unit with a Vuse cartridge.20150826_115200-1

     The first use is really easy because it is pre-charged and you can use it right away.  Normally this initial unit is good for 3 days depending on how heavy you use it.

     Vuse Vaporizer according to their website has 4.8% nicotine that is addictive, so if you are actually quitting smoking this is not the best alternative. However if you just want a “more” safer way to smoke, this is an alternative since this has no combustible material like smoking a regular cigarette that burns tobacco and paper that is carcinogenic.

20150826_115211-1     The refills are also convenient since one cartridge is equal to a pack of cigarette (hmmm I’m kinda skeptical about that).  You can buy this from a local convenient stores in a pack of 2.  This should last at least a week depends on how heavy you use it.

How to use Vuse is very easy:

  • the new unit is pre-charged so you can use it right away.
  • there is a manual that comes with the new set.
  • puff long and slowly to get the full benefit of vaporizing.
  • when the unit light blinks red it means you are running out of battery.
  • when the unit light blinks white it means your have to replace the cartridge.
  • you can use any USB charger and plug it in an electrical outlet to recharge
  • pulling the empty cartridge is easy
  • refill by attaching a new cartridge on the power unit.


  • it is more likely that it is safer to use than the usual cigarettes because it is less carcinogenic.
  • it is more like a stick of cigarette so it is very handy.
  • the smell does not stick to your clothes or hair
  • have small amount of nicotine unlike the regular cigarette.
  • wont turn your lips dark because it does not heat up the cartridge.
  • wont stain your teeth and mustache.
  • wont stain your fingers because it made out of metal.
  • you can just put it your pocket without the worry of breaking it and scooping the tobacco inside your pocket.
  • you don’t get burn when smoking
  • you can throw it anywhere without worrying of burning your house (of course not on any fire)
  • you don’t need lighter or matches to light a stick (so you don’t need to ask from a stranger if they have a light).
  • Vuse promotes recycling of your old Vuse Kit (click here)


  • still have 4.8% nicotine, which is also addictive
  • since you do not light a stick at a time, you tend to keep on puffing and might end up using one cartridge in one day.
  • 2 cartridges (one pack of refill cost $5.99)
  • unlike cigarettes and lighter when there is no electrical outlet you can not vaporizer.
  • unless you have your own pouch, it can be easily misplaced.
  • if you get unlucky you might buy a cartridge that does not work unlike the regular cigarettes.

     To sum it up, you are not getting any savings at all, since this new technology is not cheap, if you are a heavy puffer, you might still end up buying more than a pack or carton of cigarette (you can do the math).  Having a nicotine is still the downside of this vaporizer, the manufacturer still wants you to get hooked on this product.  Although there is no sign of tobacco, the nicotine extract is still part of the tobacco so no tobacco product has been known to be safe.

     If you want to know more about this product you can go to Vuse website


All the best!


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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