Gifts Guys Love to Receive

Every year people either celebrates Christmas, birthdays or whatever event there is to celebrate, and this is where friends, relatives and people we love gets frustrated on what to give.

The Survey Says

I made a survey from my BBM or Blackberry Messenger  contacts regarding gifts they’re rather receive and will be very glad to receive on that special day.

  •  Leather Wallet – the safest color and style for a wallet brown or black and two folds are really good.  Gift giving is only once or twice a year and giving according to your means will definitely be appreciated but if you want to make more special go for the pricey one tendency is that it will last longer.
  • cologne – not all guys like wearing cologne, however some do like and would like to try the latest cologne out in the market.  So why not give them something to make them feel fresh and smell good.  Cologne also makes that guy remember you every time he wears it, so make sure it is not the cheap ones.
  • mobile phone – although this could be a lot for a gift, checking your target’s mobile phone will definitely not a bad idea at all.  If you have enough money to spare and feels like being generous why not go to the nearest mobile store and purchase the latest phone and make sure it is unlocked.
  • tablet/iPad – if you also feel like being generous and want to be on the safest side, rather than getting a new phone or a laptop why not give him a tablet?  He will never say no and will forever say thank you.
  • laptop – If your guy works on his computer a lot, his laptop will definitely not last, so getting him another laptop will make him really appreciate you.
  • shoes – Try to know you guy first before buying him shoes, guys like me prefer to buy and pick my own type of shoes.  Shoes can sometimes be hard to decide on because you have to know the size, his favorite color, occasions he can use it, status of his feet if it is healthy for his feet to use the shoes you bought for him.  So try to poke around first, but shoes will definitely be one of the best options specially sneakers or rubber shoes.
  • Clothing (shirts, pants, neckties and underwear) – if you know the size and his favorite color go for it.  Clothing are always appreciated and you will see it when he starts using it a lot of times.
  • dvd/cd – If you are familiar with what he watches or what he listens to, then by all means.  A set of interesting topics like the History Channel DVD is a great gift to give to someone. A collection of different genre for music can be appreciated when you know the year he started to like listening to music.
  • Camera –  Like any electronics Camera can sometimes be very expensive, however make sure that the guy is into taking pictures seriously, because now a days, most people uses their cellphone to take pictures which sometimes is more clearer and high in definitions than regular cameras.
  • Stuffed Toy –  Yes! you are not going to believe this, but your guy is a softy!   Every guy has a softer side and receiving a stuffed toy is actually one of the most suggested gift.  Since he knows that the reason why you gave him that gift is for him to remind him of you and the stuffed toy be a substitute to embrace and cuddle.
  • A Brand New Car – whooaa! you must be mega rich to do this, but if you think that this guy really deserves to have the car as a gift, then why not and go for it.

It’s The Thought That Counts

At the end of the day, as to what the saying goes, It’s the thought that counts!  Giving or receiving gifts should always be exciting and gratifying, because the mere fact that someone gave you a gift is an indicator that you are very special.  Do not just be thankful but be very grateful for the time he or she spent just to look for something to give you.

Time is the most valuable part of that thoughtful gesture and not just the price of the gift  you received. The effort they exerted just to make that gift special has nothing to be compared with.

To the giver, whatever gift you want to give to that special someone, make sure that you have a touch of your personality to that gift.

Always remember that gift is something for that receiver to remember how grateful, thoughtful and generous you are for remembering him on that special moment.

So there you go, if you have anymore suggestion, please feel free to leave a comment on the box and I will be very happy to add it on the list. Just make sure that the gifts are reasonable and applies to all. Happy giving and receiving!


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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