How to Save Yourself from Heartache

Falling in love is one of the best feeling a person could ever experience and it makes you feel alive and happy. However if the probability of falling in love and be happy with someone is inevitable there is also an equal chance of getting heartbroken. It is not easy to avoid loving someone or falling in love with the wrong person. Experiencing heartbreak can sometimes feel exhilarating, and most often makes you stronger and wise on how to handle and deal with this pain caused by love lost. So to avoid this, here are the list of type of person who are to be avoided  to at least save yourself and avoid heartaches.

The Player

Try to know the person first before loving him or her. Some people are not yet ready to give love in return and are on whatever reason to go out and play with other people’s feelings.  These kind of people are only in love with themselves and wants to prove that they are God’s gift to humankind, who thinks that they are the only person who can make you happy.


  • They never tell you about themselves
  • They do not tell you their activities
  • They have more than one phone
  • They disappear and appear all of a sudden
  • You can see them in almost all social media
  • They use different names and alias when talking to other people.
  • They show affection when you express yours first.
  • They are very inconsistent

The User

To some people you are only good until you have something to offer, like money, sex or opportunity.  These kind of people are like predators ready to devour you and all things you have.


  • They always ask money directly or indirectly from you.
  • They always tell you they want to buy or do something without you being included in the plan.
  • They only say I love you when you give them material things.
  • They always have problems with their family

The Two Timer

To avoid this kind of person again try to know his or her background first, check the finger for sign of ring mark.  It is not wrong to ask the person you are in a relationship with his or her address, or even ask him or her if you can visit his/her place.


  • He/She thinks that HIS/HER privacy must be respected at all times (duh?)
  • He/she is not being sweet or intimate with you anymore and it varies.
  • You see things you are not familiar with, that just appears and he/she values it so much.
  • There are changes in his/her schedules and way of spending time with you.
  • He is not available on certain dates
  • He/She does not communicate with you on certain hours.

The Monster

Guys/Girls that are manipulative, these people thinks that they are too good for you and you should never disagree with him/her.  He/she is trying very hard to be Mr or Miss Perfect thus making you the most imperfect person.


  • Forces you to do things (sex, activities, friends, etc etc.)
  • There is always a threat in his words (e.g. if you leave me you’ll regret it)
  • There is always a condition on everything.
  • He/She always get mad when you do not do what he wants.
  • He/She always wants you on his/her sight and if he blinks and you are not there you are in big trouble.
  • Does not want you to do things for your own and not just on your own.

The Untrustworthy

This person can not keep a single promise, he will tell you things but blow it off a minute after.   When on the process of knowing each other and he/she can not even keep a word and very inconsistent, you better watch out or you will be a spitting bin.


  • He/she changes his/her words light a light switch.  He will say this and do other things.
  • He/she keeps different social media account and claim he/she is single
  • He/she says generic words (pet names, sweet words)
  • Can not stare at you when you are talking to each other.
  • Texting or Chatting secretly while talking to you.
  • Does not answer phone calls when you are around (always)

The Past Tense

If your guy or girl can not stop talking about his past and how it hurts him, you better think more than twice, people who talks about their past relationship and experiences that is uncomfortable for you to hear, are people who are not into you.  They are still living in the past and will always compare you with what has been long gone.  Never let a person make you feel as if you are a part of his past, because you are the present and you do not have anything to do with that stupidity he/she did in the past.

Signs: When that person always says

  • He or She slept around and tells you the sexual experiences he did in the past and “Wants” to change now because he wants to “try” a new life with you. (where is the respect?)
  • He or she  tells you how he/she was dumped by his/her ex and it hurts him so much he/she can not stand to see that person. “HE/SHE is still into that ex,  let him/her go and ask him/her settle this issue first, you are just a doormat.
  • He/She wants to make a transformation so when his/her ex sees him again they will regret it. (again he/she is still not into you)
  • Still keeps them around (pictures, friends on social media etc ect)
  • Compares you with his/her ex. (The Worst thing he/she can do to you)

Consider these: The key is not to rush into the relationship, try to know each other more and become good friends.  When you are friends you will know everything about that person, all the good and bad.  If you think that you can accept everything about that person then move forward.  If not then move on to the next, catastrophe is bound to happen and your heart is going to be the casualty.

Never ever rush into sex, sex can ruin everything if you start doing it too soon.  Your love must be stronger than the lust that you feel towards the other person.  Tendency is that it is more physical than emotional attachment that he or she is looking for,  another probability of getting your heartbroken.

Always be sure that the relationship is two way or give and take.  If one party always take the shot, you better run away from that monster or he/she will just eat you alive. Trust your intuition! you know and can actually feel if he or she is the right person for you.  Look at all the signs and what you been through with other people you have met and encountered.

Check on patterns, like if you know someone who is a “Heartbreaker” and start from there.

Respect is one of the best building blocks of a good relationship, if a person loves you, he/she will think not just twice but more that 10 times when he says something that might hurt your feelings or ego.  Talk to him/her and lay down all your cards,  pick what you both like and talk about the things you do not like and make a promise that it will be the last time you will both talk about it and settle the differences.  If this person is incapable or do not want to lay down his cards, you can do yourself a big favor by leaving right away you are on the verge of getting your heart stabbed a thousand times.


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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