Fil-Ausie Girl Making Waves in the Philippines

     She was tagged as the “daldal darling from Australia” and this girl who was gifted with a golden voice is not new to entertaining people, as matter of fact she had made herself a name to the Filipino community back in her home country.

     A 13 year old lass from Sydney, Australia Ylona Jade Navalle Garcia was really a strong contender inside the Big Brother House.  Possessing a very charming look, she has this way of catching someone’s attention just by standing at a corner and not to mention those innocent smile that brought good vibes to the PBB House.

     Her voice quality has its own character, a voice that is very unique on its own, the raspy yet high tone that can play with any song she sings. People can feel the sincerity when she sings effortless.  She composes her own song, which is an incomparable talent and sings it like it was done for her.

     Since I am not from the Philippines, the only way I was able to watch the show was from YouTube and other sites that offered the replays of the show.  The first time I noticed Ylona’s growing popularity was when I was checking my Twitter account.  As I was looking at “what and who is trending” I have noticed #ylona #saveylona #pbb737 and many more.  I got curious about it and being a nosy blogger, I was able to see what was the real picture of what was going on, and WOW! to my surprise, how this little girl starts to grow a huge fan base in social media.  At first I got confused of how many accounts that was under and with her name on it,  pictures abound from her supporters.

Photo from ABS-CBN 

Being nominated on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th week, she was able to survive the antagonistic views and comments made by most of her treated friends inside the PBB House, but this did not demoralized her sunny disposition, she always made it sure that she will face it, chin up and be positive. Public voting made a big role in saving her from being evicted from the PBB House,  the netizens made sure that Ylona will definitely get the vote she deserves.  She bagged the top spot at the last day of the 7 week PBB episode, speculations says that she might have been the big winner.

Opinion and Observation:

     In my own personal opinion what made this girl stands out and won the heart of the public was her being genuine and optimistic, it made a mark on every viewers eyes that she possess a heart of gold, that makes her exudes that optimism and cheerfulness.  Not to mention her great singing voice that was very mesmerizing.

     When this PBB season started, the one who was really making a big wave was this “Global Gwapito from Great Britain” Bailey May, and being famous from social media, people thought he will be the big winner.  He made the news alright, but his followers started to dwindle down, because of his immaturity (we cant blame him he was only 12 years old when he entered the PBB house).

     Another reason why I think Ylona won the heart of many Filipinos was because of how some housemates treated her unjustly, just like the other girl who keeps on making faces when Ylona attracts attention inside the PBB house.  The other one who voluntary exited the house was not so nice to her and that made her look the underdog, gaining her points to the heart of the public.  Another housemate who unintentionally helped push her up was the one trying to push her down by playing safe, he certainly know that it was indeed a competition but it all fired back to him when he was the one voted out for eviction.

In the end these housemates did not even made it to the cut, people favored Ylona over them.

Piece of Advice to Ylona:

     She will never be this famous if not for her supporters, she must learn how to appreciate all of them. Give them back what is due for them by showcasing and offering her talents to entertain them and make them feel loved.  Stardom can be intoxicating and most of the time blow someone’s ego.  This should and must never happen.  Keep her feet on the ground and always stay focus.  She has so much potentials and if used right she will go places and will reach her dream.

     Lastly she must learn the Filipino culture in that way she will know how to act and express herself according to the Filipino norms.


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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