Signs that He / She is Really NOT into You

Have you ever wonder if the person you are with is really into you? How sure are you that they are with you because they love you and not just because they need you? Worse case is you are just pushing yourself to that person, yet you have the idea that they do not love you. You are just ignoring the signs that you are not really being loved by that person, but just being used as a toilet paper.

There are few signs to consider if this person is really not into you!

When a person loves you, no matter how busy they may be, they will make sure to make time for you. They will always think of you and a minute of free time is a chance for them to send you a message just to know what they are doing or tell you how much they are thinking of you.
If your message status says SEEN or Delivered or RECEIVED and you get no response from them, that only mean one thing, you are not important to whoever that person is.

A person who is in love with you does not ask for anything except for your time, even if that time is only 5 seconds that will be the happiest time for them. However if that person keeps on asking for money, or keeps on saying that they want this and that, that he or she is jealous of other people who possess this latest watch or gadgets, you better watch out! That person is a user!  So better think not just twice but ten times. Try not give in to their request and I am very sure that either they will ignore you or will get mad at you and pick a fight.  They will start to get busy, studying, working, but you will later find out that they were on gold digging hunt.

Whenever you meet or see each other you always ends up in bed, and after getting satisfied he wants to jump out of bed, does not even want to stay over, or as if he does not have anything to do with you anymore, it is a sign and you better think my dear. A person who really loves you does not only see you as a sex machine, they want your love, your company, so sex is just a bonus if you really want to satisfy him physically.

This is a bright as the sunlight, as clear as a crystal!  A person who wants to look good all time is fine, however if that person wants to look good for other people and not for you is a different story, it only means that he is really not into you. They only love themselves and the reason why they are into relationship with you is because they do not to be alone.

They always say that you are playing with their emotions, they always claim that they are being the one who is being led on to, but the reality says that they can not just accept the fact the it was them who wants to play the game and be the first to bail out. That is how they see the relationship, not all about love but a competition on who will fall in love first and who will break away first. They never see you as a partner but a competitor.

They can not even tell their friends that they are already taken, they always claim to be single. The only reason to that, is they can not even dare to introduce you to their friends because they think that you are not attractive enough for them. They are eyeing for someone from one of their friends; their friends knows that the/she is just playing and prospects abound, or perhaps their friends knows who the real boyfriend/girlfriend is. That is only it, do not pretend that he/she is into you, try to gulp a cup of reality that your boyfriend/girlfriend is an eternal sucker.

If your boyfriend has specific time for you and you feel that you are on a schedule and you can not contact him anytime you wish to.  When you get the chance to get a hold of him, he is either whispering, in a hurry or you only receive short messages, it only means you are not alone in his life!
Where is the love there? It only means you are just one of those people who he fools around with just to prove that he is desirable and attractive. Remember this again, when someone loves you, they will always give you the littlest extra minute they have for you.

That person who keeps on changing his phrases and things he does, you can not even get one straight answer from them, they always have this inconsistency in their words. They will tell you that they are on their way home then suddenly they bought something from a convenient store or whatever. Without even telling you they dropped by at a store. The simple way of saying I LOVE YOU is also one of the few points that you must always observe, if you are getting a LOVE YOU all the time, and if asked to complete the phrase they try to change topic in a snap, then he/she is lying. Saying I love you does not have to be hard for someone who really feels it, it is not something you just want to say just to prove that you are loving someone.

This is one of the scariest part of the story, that one new friend who suddenly appears in your conversation. That new friend who can light up his/her face when mentioned. Everything seemed to be so perfect about this new friend and whenever he/she is out somewhere this mysterious friend is the one with him/her. You will also get the ” You know my friend who I go out with right? So Do not worry”. What is funny about this scenario is that, you have never even had the change to see or talk to this mysterious “friend”.

These are just some of the things I was able to gather from friends who had been victims of philandering creatures. When loving someone you must keep your guard up and must keep your eyes open for the possibility of you being played upon. There is nothing more painful than discovering that the person you give your time, effort and love to, sees you as a competitor or a simple toy to play with and dump once they are done.

Do not be afraid to love, do not waste time to a person who is not into you, it will hurt but always remember that everything passes and you will eventually realize someday, what happened was just a big lesson or if not a big joke to learn from. Soon you will find the right person who will love you… or who knows that person is already beside you and you just can not see him or her because you are looking at a different direction.


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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