Tips on How to Become a Teenage Model

Being a model does not have to be gazed upon the front of a magazine, or walking down on the catwalk wearing signature clothes and shoes. Being a model does not have to be towering in height and with a good strong jawline.

As a teenager, guys must start from proper hygiene and good grooming to achieve that model look.  You need not to buy expensive clothes to be “in” and be tagged as a teenage model.  Wearing whatever you are comfortable with and most specially expressing yourself with a good sense of fashion is crucial in order to set yourself as a good role model to most teenagers.

Most often, not just teenagers, guys try to fit in by wearing what is in fad, not knowing, that sense of fashion is not just going with the flow but having this right taste in fashion.

So Let us start and make yourself a teenage model.

   1.   Proper hygiene

Proper hygiene is the most important part of being a model.  What is worse than wearing signature clothes but smelling like a walking onion.

   a.  Shower before leaving the house – this will make you feel more comfortable and confident in dealing with friends, classmates and other people.  Taking a bath every day helps get rid of dead cells that makes your skin look dry and unhealthy.  This also helps in keeping you smelling fresh and gets rid of the natural oil that causes body odor.

    Using deodorant is normal to teenagers, changing body chemistry causes changing of body smell.  Whether you like it or not you will never smell like babies anymore because of the growing body hair.

    Cologne is not a  bad idea, but be sure to look for a scent that is perfect for your body chemistry.  Cologne can make a good impression and can help build image.  So choosing a good cologne that fits your character is something you should think about.

   b.   Brushing and flossing your teeth – nothing beats fresh breath when talking closer to someone.  You feel more confident talking closer to your friends and classmates.   Brushing makes your teeth stronger and whiter and flossing helps in keeping your gums healthy. Being a model is having a good wide smile with pearly white teeth to show.

   c.   Hair Grooming – Growing can affect your skin and hair, and either you get really oily or dry, so checking your skin type can help your grooming pattern, specially with the hair.  Using the right shampoo and conditioner can protect your hair and scalp from bad hair days.  Combing your hair with a round tip brush will stimulate the scalp and hair follicles giving you a healthy and shinny hair.

   d.   Wearing clean Clothes – Never ever wear clothes that are already worn and dirty, the bacterias that breeds on the clothes causes body odor and can irritate the skin, causing pimples and skin diseases.

         Wearing underwear that is already dirty can lead to smelly groin areas.  Remember that you already have body hair down there, and those pubic hair traps moisture and dirt that can cause foul smelling odor, specially if you are not circumcised.  Socks must not be worn again, this can lead to athlete’s foot and foot odor.  Removing socks when your friends are around can be a disaster when you feet smells like a dead rat.

    c.  Clipping those finger and toe nails – every other day and keeping clean and well clipped is a sign of good hygiene.  Becoming a good example for clean hands and feet is one impression that last a long time.

   2.  Sense of Fashion

What kind of a teenager you are depends on what your fashion sense can be.

    a.   Wearing your uniform at school is something that a teenager must always consider.  If your school requires uniform make sure that your pair must always be clean and well pressed.  Make sure that your uniform fits you right and avoid any unnecessary activities that will crumple your uniform.

    Never forget to keep your shoes polished and shinny and keeping a hanky with you  is one of the best way to make a good impression. This will make you look clean and well groomed.

    b.   Everyday clothes depends on your moods, wearing something simple and comfortable must be observed since this outfit is what you normally wear when you are at home.  Wearing a plain t-shirt, right sized shorts or pants and a comfortable flip-flops or shoes will never go wrong.

    c.   Active wear depends on the kind of sports or activity you are in to.  Wearing the right shoes is typically a big deal with active teenagers, have a good pair of rubber shoes is the rule.  Rubber shoes that you can wear in different activities like walking, running and playing basketball must be included in your cabinet.

    Wearing something that fits perfectly and can help you move around when you are being active is a must.  Cotton shirts and a good support underwear are two things you must have for freshness and safety.

   d.     Hang Out clothes depends usually on what is in fashion, however, you can still get away with it by having a plain t-shirt or v_neck and a pair of jeans with a one or two tone sneakers, and you are ready to join the gang.

    e.  Being Dressy is not much of an activity for teenagers, however teenagers must have the following in their cabinet to keep you ready for any formal events.

 * 3 sets of colored long sleeveswpid-collage-2015-11-02-20_06_55.jpg.jpeg

 *  black dress pants

 *  Black socks

 * Reversible belt

 * Clean and Shinny school shoes.

   3.  Creating an Image

Creating an image is one of the best thing that a teenager must start doing in order to prepare himself for the future.  Creating a model image is something that is not hard to achieve if you really want to set good example of being a teenager and a student.  Always remember that An Ounce of Image is Worth a Pound of Success.  So whatever image you want to portray as long you focus on what is good specially your studies is being a good role model to every teenagers.

So being a Teenage Model is really not as hard as you think right?


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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