Gender Equality an Open Letter to MisterCMT

When we all hear about gender equality what comes first into our mind is feminism and equality to marriage.  But in reality what we see are those issues that are sensationalized by the media and the society.  Usually it equates to women empowerment and the right to marry someone you love may it be of the same sex or the opposites.

Gender equality is something that claims total equality to everything including the freedom to choose when it comes to serious issues like abortion, positions, placements and power.

But what really is the broader and deeper sense of gender equality?

Most of this gender equality issues are geared towards women, because they are mostly the target of discriminating eyes in this male dominated society. A society that is predominately filled with opinions that is most often bias to the male population. A population that is very teritorial and are influenced by testosterone, making it hostile to anything that is a threat to their existence. In most culture where men is given all the power to decision making, strength measurement and power to hold the highest position.

Gender equality in its simplest form the freedom to express ones feeling, emotion, expression and goal. This does not only apply to women empowerment, men also is affected with this societal perception. When men tries to carry a bag that is outside the norm, they are being labeled either gay or metrosexual. Men are not even allowed to buy a simple lip balm because in the scrutinizing eyes this is a sign of homosexuality. Men are not allowed to wear make up in public because make ups are only for women and the mere instance that a certain guy covers his flaws is a sign of being gay.

How about getting an eyelash extention for men who wants to add definition to their eyes? Will it be considered a sign that the guy is effeminate?

Why is it that girls can walk on the street holding each other’s hands while guys sees this as taboo? Why can girls watch movies just the two of them and for guys it becomes awkward? Why is it in some cultures men are not allowed to kiss another guy on the cheek and not be tagged as homos?

Now where is the gender equality? Why does it have to be a double edge sword when some screams equality and yet not seeing who is being descriminative?  Men can be slapped on the face and it is a big No No if a guy slaps a woman without being called a wife beater. When on a public transportation when a guy do not stand and give his seat to a woman it is considered rude and so unbecoming.

Cheating for example I know that when a guy cheats, he is a stud and  when women cheats, she considered a slut, but the fact still remains that they are both capable of cheating. Men are tagged by nature polygamous which is somewhat foul, because women cheats when they see their husband or boyfriend is a wimp or a loser, and the issue here is not who can  and who can not cheat but the respect for each other. Strong women can never be cheated by their spouse because they treat them in equal position and the respect is there.

We are in the age where people plays a role that is equally important, there had been presidents who were women and they were considered strong and powerful. Women dominates the multimedia sector now; there are hosts, anchors, actresses who are really tough and uncontrollable.  These women have already proven themselves that they are not only a wife and a mother but plays an integral part of the society.

My point exactly is to stress on what can man do and so do women, and that is equality.  Male on the other hand dominates some portion in the society where women not only stands but succeed as well, like fashion.  However there are straight men who have an eye for fashion but kept to themselves just because it is a sign of being gay, even by just trying to comment on what women should wear.  Men knows what’s enough when it comes to make up, but the fear of telling his woman that she is too made up is not appropriate.

Corporate world is another arena where both men and women plays a major role. We all know that it was once ruled only by men and that has been long gone when women became career oriented. Point I’m trying to make is when it comes to any problem that arises like sexual harassment, why is it that men can not complain when he is being seduced by his boss and women can cry foul and press charges against a male boss who tries to make a pass on her? It is a case to case basis I know, because only married men are the ones who are affected by this scenario.

Different cultures different genre different treatment and different definition to equality. But what really is gender equality? Why does it have to be one sided only?  Why are men still treated like cavemen who uses their strength to gain his territory?  Where is justice? Where is gender equality?



MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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