How to Make Your Presence Known

These are just some of the things I do to make my presence known to people around me. It will take a lot of practice but once you have perfected the art of Making your Presence Known you can make a dull party come alive and you will be the life of that party and the center of attention.
I will just write randomly because I am just typing as I am thinking of past events that made my own presence known.
  • When entering a restaurant, bar, or any place where there are lots of people, make sure you stand at the door and count 15 seconds, look around as if you are looking for someone you know and show your most pleasant smile or look. Pan your look around and look at people who are wondering what you are doing at the door, smile at them and walk with full confidence.
  • When you are in a crowd and you know that people are trying to greet each other, never ever stand at someone’s back or behind him/her.  That will block you from being seen by people and you will not be noticed. Instead, stand on the side and make big moves or quick gestures as this will catch people’s attention.  Also, make sure you are wearing a smile, just to be ready when someone smiles back at you. Do not forget to acknowledge others. Make sure you are always facing people, even if you are not talking or smiling at them…again wear your smile – this will make people think that you are approachable and friendly.
  • When in a meeting or just delivering a speech, make sure to stand up straight first, do not talk right away but compose yourself first instead.  This will send a message that you are confident and you are there to be heard and that whatever you are about to say will interest them. Delay and count 5 seconds before talking. The first words that must come from you is “Thank you”, this will make them feel that you are grateful that their full attention is on you and it will make them feel obligated to listen or participate in the discussion you are about to open.
  • When you are in a crowd of listeners and want to catch the speakers’ attention, for whatever reason, look straight into the speakers eyes. Once you got his or her attention and you know that he or she is already focused at you, LEAN forward and touch your chin, this will send the signal that you are interested on what he or she is saying. This will make the speaker feel more at ease and/or more careful in what he/she is delivering. After the engagement, the speaker will then likely approach you and will try to ask about his/her speech. Again, wear your smile and wait 5 seconds.  If he or she will walk your way or is walking to your direction, glance around, wait for him or her to introduce himself/herself before looking back. Again, wear your smile – you are there to make your presence known.
  • When you are in a store or buying something, this is definitely an opportunity to catch someone’s attention.  For example, when you are in an aisle, stand straight, never slouch or arch, then make a one big step forward and a step backward, this will stand out in someone’s periphery. Do it again and take one sideward step towards that person and then step sideward back to your original spot. When you already know that the person is looking at you, look at the person again flash your smile and look away. You’ve already proven that you have made your presence known.
  • In a place full of people where everybody is talking and you want to catch most if not everybody’s attention, make your conversation lively in a way that will make you laugh naturally. Then exclaim a very quick loud laugh (ha ha!).  Your laugh needs to be quick enough so as to not irritate people but enough to make them look at you. Again, do not forget to flash your winning smile.
These are just some of the techniques I can think of right now… and I promise to give you more next time I think of more. Meanwhile, please remember, practice makes perfect and keep your composure at all times.  And do not forget to S M I L E !


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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