How to Find Great Deals on Airline Tickets

Be Incognito / Private mode

Travel company can track someone who is on the hunt for the cheapest air fare and they have their way in tapping your IP address.  Have you ever wonder why prices just comes up when you get back into their website?  Because they know you are on the search for a good deal.  One way to block them from seeing you is to be on Incognito mode or for Mac users Private mode.

Pick the Day

The best day to pick the cheapest air fare is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.  So remember book and fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Saturday and get the best air fare deals.

Sign Up for E-mail Notification

Signing up for email notification specially from air lines will help you in finding good deals. Travel agents and sites also sends out good deals on certain dates when flying, you will be notified when they have good deals coming up.  Booking a ticket and knowing how to deal with scheduling is also one way to get a good deal.  A rebooking fee of $50 is not bad compare to paying the highest fare available.

Keep In Touch with Friends

Keeping in touch with friends will not only save you a lot of money with hotels and lodging when you travel, this can also help you get a great deal on tickets when flying in groups.  So get your pen and paper and start jotting down on your jetsetter friends.


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