Sheraton Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

The bedroom is really superb, it is very comfortable and clean. Very spacious for a king bedroom, there is a couch that kinda nice which is good for relaxing and reading.  It was located near the window so you can have the view, although the view was not really spectacular since it was facing the building The Bloc, Overlooking the courtyard of the new Macy’s which was under construction at this time.

Bed was really soft, it was comfortable though, however I like my bed somewhat firm but the beddings was really nice and warm.  The aircondition was good, although when it cycles on was kind of a disappointment because it makes this funny yet annoying sound,   It was like someone was knocking at the door.

The interior is very contemporary, it looks like it has been newly remodelled, every fixturess look brand new.  There was a nice big screen LCD that will greet you with your name flashing a marquee. I love the idea of having a lot of 120V electrical outlets with USB capability. The lighting fixtures made a big diffrence for people who loves to read before going beddy bye, the overhead light was too bright though, I did not have the chance to check if there was a dimmer feature for that particular reading light.
The coffee table and couch area was really in the right place, although they could have done better with the seat/couch by making it wrap arounf the table more. If any, the couch served me well because I was able to lay on it while talking on the phone.  Again the coffee area has electrical and USB outlet which is very important in this days where people are mobile.


Bathroom is quite smaller than expected but the interior is more of a modern contemporary minimalist.  What I love about the bathroom is the vanity mirror, it has this pop out mirror where you do not see the source of light, but get the great amount of light shining through the etched side distributing the right brightness that compliments and highlight your features making you look more like a celebrity.  The shower is very small and can only accommodate one person, but the water pressure is strong enough to get that cleaning shower effect.

One thing that impresses me about this hotel is their new way of elevator system,  the hotel has this security system where only people who are checked in has the access to the hotel elevator.  Making it more secure for people who are staying in the hotel, you will need the card key in order to get in to the elevator and you get to choose the floor before going inside the elevator.  Making it easy for people to choose their floor destination.  It also indicates which car/elevator you are going to use since it shows which elevator is automatically chosen by the security system.


The lobby is simple yet has this area where it looks like a library, again, what I like about this hotel, even at the lobby they offer electrical outlets even on the couches and waiting area.  They do have the USB outlet where you can just pop your USB out and plug it where ever an outlet is available.  And believe me, there are more than what you need.


Lastly, what I always look for in a hotel is what Sheraton has to offer, if you don’t mind walking for a few blocks, it is walking distance between my two point of interest,  The Our Lady of Los Angeles and Staples center.  The church is almost due north of the hotel’s location and Staples is almost due to the south, both walking distance.  If you are not a night person you will enjoy the proximity of the area from different restaurants and entertainment sites.

Parking is easy, because they have valet parking, but if you want to look for a public parking it is just 3 minutes walk and just across the street. Overnight is $15 but of course when you need to leave after 12noon, they will ask you to pay an extra $10 more. Los Angeles parking is Los Angeles parking.

Basic rate is $219, with taxes is $253.  Try to book online and you might find a good deal.  I can recommend this hotel to people either doing business or leisure.


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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