MisterCMT is not just a blog site or doing videos on YouTube. MisterCMt also helps people do simple task by assisting anyone who can not do task by themselves or who do not have time to do it by themselves.

Here are the list of task I can help you with:

  • Travel Assistance – I can help you find a country where you can and want to go on a budget. That includes finding the right hotel, places to eat, shopping and how to get around without getting ripped off.
  • Shopping – I have spare time and I can do the shopping for you may it be clothing, food or picking up your prescriptions.
  • Massage Service – I am a Certified Massage Therapist and I can do home service in any modalities.
  • Blogs and website –  I do web hosting and I can help you find the right theme and niche for your blog should you want to start writing.
  • Social Media Specialist – I can manage your social media accounts, from Instagram to twitter account.
  • Arts and Crafts – I do not want my artistic side go to waste so I rather help someone find their own creative side or just do plain arts and crafts for you.
  • Business Consultancy – I can help you start your business by helping you fix all the documentations you need in order to start your business.
  • Promotions – I have a very active social media accounts such as Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. I can make videos promoting your products and services.

For inquiries please refer to contact page or leave your message on the comment section below.

Thank you