Agot Isidro … Fierce… a True Filipina

Maria Margarita Isidro or popularly known Agot Isidro is a Filipino actress, recording artist, TV Host and Endorser who is now taking the social media by storm, her comment about the Philippine president Rody Duterte took most of the netizen’s attention favorably, but Duterte’s followers took it as a hard blow.

In a Facebook post last friday, October 7, 2016 Isidro said:

agotUnang-una, walang umaaway sa iyo. As a matter of fact, ikaw ang nang-aaway.

Pangalawa, yung bansa na kung saan ka iniluklok ng 16 million out of 100+million people ay Third World.  Kung makapagsalita ka parang superpower ang pilipinas eh. at excuse me, ayaw namin magutom. Mag-isa ka na lang. wag mo kang mandamay.  Hindi na nakakain ang nakaramrami, gugutumin mo pa lalo.

Pangatlo, may kakilala along psychiatrist. Patingin ka. Hindi ka bipolar. You are a psychopath.”

To translate in english:

First of all, no one is antagonizing you, as a matter of fact you are the one who is picking a fight.

Second, the country where 16 million people who seated you, with more than 100 million people belongs to a Third World. The way you say things is as if the Philippines is a superpower.  Excuse me, but we do not want to starve.  We will let you be, do not drag us into this.  There are people who are already starving and you will starve them more.

Third, I know a psychiatrist. have yourself checked.  You are not bipolar. You are a psychopath.

That says it all, this was a reaction to Duterte’s call to US and EU to withdraw their aid to the Philippines.

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Duterte’s followers did not take this criticism constructively and started using character assassination in defense, but this did not phase Miss Isidro.  Netizens express support on Miss Isidro’s stand and refuse to comment more on the issue. However this started an uproar in the cyber world and more people started to express their frustration to the president.  An example of this is a blogger named Mocha Uson who according to Duterte’s followers is the counter part of Agot Isidro, although most of the netizen’s do not see this fit.  I too do not see this fit because by far Miss Agot Isidro is a degree holder and earned a Masters at one of the most prestigious university in the Philippines, a respected actress who have won best actress awards, nominated from different award giving bodies and is of good moral character. I have watched some of the videos and read the blog of miss Uson, so I can say in my own opinion there is definitely no comparison at all.

Some stray derogatory comments does not even posses any bearings at all, like her being incapable of bearing a child and being separated, that attack is a known fact and does not even concern the country, while Miss Isidro’s comment can make a huge impact if taken seriously by the president to gain more allies that would help the country progress.

To end this post, all I can say is I salute a brave woman like Agot Isidro, with the rampant extra judicial killings in the Philippines, she is fierce.  I wish that the senators will take this as a challenge to beat and not act as a puppet or dogs with their tails between their legs.  I am now convinced that Filipinas are world class contenders and can never be pushed aside.