Astragalus Roots for Better Immune System and Energy

It is quite scary now to go out in public places because of the different viruses and bacteria that might compromise our health.  Like the flu season where people get sick because of the influenza virus lurking around.

This spring and also the fast approaching summer, it is allergy season once again for some people and we have to be very careful with the places we go to.  With me, I get the allergy attacks during these seasons and the heat can aggravate it, that is why I have to be very careful with what I touch and where I go.  I don’t get sick easily and thank goodness we have good genes and that makes us not vulnerable to any illnesses. However, allergy can be very frustrating when it attacks.  Headache and inflammation of sinus gets worse during this time, so getting myself ready for this season is a must.

imageUpon my research I have found some foods and root crops that can actually help build the immune system to fight colds and allergies and that is the astragalus roots.  This roots are most commonly found in China and what I have read about it got me convinced to keep some of it as a supplement.  I can not find the real root itself but an extract is enough to use as an alternative to having it handy for protection.

Astragalus roots is actually good for the heart and can also treat diabetes and hepatitis. And because it boost the immune system , astragalus roots helps the body stay fit and strong.


imageAstragalus roots is used in TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in keeping the body fight against diabetes , a stress reliever, natural asthma remedy, treats colds and flu, has the best anti-inflammatory agent, it also has antioxidant and anti-aging properties, treats HIV in helping the T-cells fight the virus longer, regulates blood pressure, reduces the level of triglycerides.

These are just few of the many benefits that you can get from astragalus roots. If you can’t find the physical astragalus roots, there are many bottled extracts in the market that are being sold by reputable sellers.  Just be sure you are buying the real pure extracts to attain the full benefits of astragalus roots.