Blackberry Passport Red

Blackberry is one of my favorite mobile phones, probably because of the QWERTY feature that stands out from all the mobile phones before, in which you must type 2 or 3 times just to get the right letter, with the QWERTY keypad it made me feel like just typing on a computer keyboard.

Since the introduction of mobile phone I did not jumped in right away with the bandwagon, I stayed with blackberry until December of last year when my network provider announced that they are leaving blackberry.  I had to switch to Samsung which is a better buy than the over priced iPhones.

Until Blackberry Passport came, I was still having second thoughts about getting the Blackberry Passport because my network provider does not offer it.  After 10 months of satisfaction with Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I have finally decided to switch back to blackberry.


This came in the mail today October 14, 2015 at 3:49pm, I was really excited about it, since I have been tracking it for almost 5 days. Yes since the day I ordered it!


I was really so excited to see what was inside the box.  The box was really dirty and worn, probably from the storage.

It did not bother me because what is important about this box is the content and I know it is my Blackberry passport.

When I opened the box, it came with packaging air pouch so I know my blackberry passport is safe and intact.

unboxThe first thing I saw was the passport case and I thought it was really nice and exciting to see bits and pieces of my phone.

bbpp1Uncovering it really made me jump with excitement, when I finally saw 4 items. There was of course the Blackberry Passport box which I could not wait to open, the screen protector and the sync pod box.

I immediately took the biggest box and started unboxing my blackberry passport.

Seeing my shinny sleek and vivid colored blackberry made me smile and said YES!!!


It still has this effect on me when I first saw my blackberry phone, I can not wait to peel off those protective plastics so can start navigating with my hands.

bbpp2Then it occur to me to get my passport and see it myself if it really is the size of a passport.   Here is how it look, at first I thought i was bigger than the size of a real passport but it was just the angle when I took the photo.

One thing that is neat about this package is that it came with a booklet about the blackberry passport and it was really the size of a passport.

bb passport The wider screen is what made me fall in love with this new blackberry.  Having been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which has a really big screen,  this blackberry passport’s screen is something in par with the Samsung Note 4.  It also has a touch screen feature just like the Q10 and Z10 series.  The QWERTY keypad is also sensitive and has the capability of swipe motion to navigate and switch screens as it respond to the touch and gestures.  The letters are bigger so it gives your more accuracy when typing.

Downside of the blackberry passport is that some of the apps that I use with the android phones are not currently available, specially viber. I use viber to communicate with family in friends for free and not having this app is certainly a lost for blackberry or the other way around.  However there is BBM or the blackberry messenger that can almost do everything that Viber can do, it can also make calls, send messages,pictures and videos, and the face to face BBM Video Chat.


The structure or the design of this new blackberry passport is more solid and sleek.  The QWERTY keypad is more prominent than the previous designs.  It does not have the clicking sound when you press each letter or the keypad.  It does not have the numbers on the keypad but it is shown on the screen.  The texture of this blackberry passport red is smooth, I was expecting a rubbery feel to it, but it feels smooth and durable.

bbpp4The new 4.5 inch square touch display, plays a major role in promoting this new blackberry passport.  It is clear and crisp that has 1440×1140 resolution. What I like about this blackberry is the width which is 3.5 inches and just enough to grip it with one hand and typing with two hands is more convenient. The 5.04inch height is also now standard to all smart phones and blackberry passport passed this standard.

The 30 hours battery life is quite impressive, giving me enough charge to do all my works and blogging. I will never have to worry about leaving my tablet or laptop at home and do my blog.


  • It has wider 4.5 screen display.
  • It has a touch screen like other smart phones
  • The keypad is also sensitive to touch and gestures
  • They kept the iconic keyboard but innovated it to a new level
  • You have a page where you can actually see your frequently used apps like the BBM, doc-to-go or whatever you want available when you need it.
  • You do not have to remove the full back cover just to insert your sim card and SD card.
  • Battery life is 30hrs
  • 24 hours battery life talk time
  • 11 hours video playback
  • You can access your blackberry to any device like your tablet, desktop or laptop by installing blackberry blends.
  • It runs on Blackberry 10OS
  • Favorite social media that are frequently used for business is available like Twitter and Facebook.
  • It gives you more work space, because of the 3.5inch width and an inch QWERTY keyboard for more accurate typing.
  • you still have the latest BBM version and Viber is available on Amazon App store.


  • Some apps are not available
  • Icons are still the same so nothing new to offer and attract people who gets enticed with featured icons
  • if you have a small hand you might not be able to grip the phone with one hand.
  • If you are with Verizon or Sprint, you have to switch to T-mobile or ATT to be able to use this new blackberry passport. Verizon does not allow blackberry passport to be used to their network.
  • Blackberry did not seem to learn from iPhone where they have the speaker at the bottom of the phone.


People who are always on the go and are more business type will benefit from this new Blackberry Passport, because of its more professional design.  It gives this impression that you are doing business seriously and pulling it out from you pocket or coat makes it more appealing to clients.  If you stay on your computer most of the time, having this savvy QWERTY keyboard can help you move freely by just accessing your work synced to your blackberry account.

Wider screen gives you more accuracy in reading and watching presentations, video, or even just your plain messages.  It feels like there is a small computer at hand.  So if you need to check on your stocks, ForEx, or just wants to read the news you will have the full view of the website you like watching.

If you are a writer or a blogger, you might not be able to install wordpress app but you can use the browser and start writing or blogging and have the exactly the same dashboard like in your computer or laptop where all the features are available to you. You can also see the full view of your website or blogsite when you are done writing or editing, and this is high recommended because, seeing how your website look is what’s important to your readers.

If you wish to know more about blackberry passport please visit their website and see the difference.

Author: MisterCMT
MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.