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The Millennium’s Greatest Miracle – the COVID-19 Vaccine

I’m sure we all agree that COVID-19 is the worst thing that has happened to humankind since…

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Kulay Diwa Gallery of Philippine Contemporary Art : A Two Man Art Exhibit

We got invited to see and experience a contemporary work of art in the heart of a…

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Kisses Delavin to transfer to GMA from ABSCBN

Kisses Delavin an alumna of Pinoy Big Brother has just signed up with her new management company….

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Depression Is Not Something We Laugh About

I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it is a type of depression that is related…

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Kisses Tony Singapore Concert with Ylona – Meet and greet

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Singapore Claim World’s Most Powerful Passport, US Fell Sixth

Singaporean Passport is now considered the most powerful passport in the world, after tying with Germany for…

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The Benefits of Being An American Citizen

America is known for being the land of milk and honey, of course that is figuratively speaking,…

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Love and Relationship

Relationship is not all about love and intimacy. Love can not make a relationship last, or is…

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How To Earn Money By Being On Social Media

Social Media is a big part of everybody’s life now and most of the time lots of…

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Prayer… Direct Communication With God

When we are in need of something we pray. When we are in danger we pray. When…