Height Increasing Shoes by Tallmenshoes.com

Being short can sometimes have its disadvantages and the reason why I started with disadvantage is become we are here to review a product that can solve that problem without going through any drastic changes like, surgery or medications.

I have never seen a store or an aisle where they sell high heels for men, and that would be awkward if people sees you buying shoes in that department or even just checking the store.

Thanks to Tallmenshoes.com short people can now gain their confidence back and be more proactive in whatever field they are into.  so let us cut to the chase!


When I received this box from Tallmenshoes.com I was really so excited because they were the first sponsor who is willing to give a blogger like me to start getting myself into product review.  I was so excited to see this box and to see what is actually inside the box. 20150903_104043-1 I was kinda thrilled about the idea of seeing a pair of shoes that claims magic when it comes to adding inches to your height.  The box came in the mail wrapped in a very professional way. It was very discreet and nobody will know that it was actually a box of shoes.  The box does not seem to look like a special box, it is just the same kind of box you get when you buy from a shoe store, so people will not notice what is actually inside the box. 20150903_104435-1 This is very important for people who are self conscious about their height.  Knowing that you bought a shoes that increases your is height somewhat can give you the feeling of being embarrass about.  So for the packaging I can say that this really is a good marketing strategy, although the website actually is on the box can be a give-away to people who might read it.

The Experience

Wearing the shoes actually feels kinda weird specially for men who are not use to wearing high heels.  This does not have the feeling though, It still feels flat on the ground and does not make you feel like tip-toeing.  The shoes feel very comfortable and it feels normal when walking.  Tallmenshoes.com sent me a pair of dress shoes and it really is nice, it has a buckle to the front making it easy to pair with different pants.  It can be worn for formal attire and if you are daring enough when it comes to fashion you can actually wear jeans with it and still feel and look good to yourself.


  • depends on how many inches you want to add to your height this shoes still feels normal and just like a regular shoes.
  • the shoes is made out of fine leather that adds to the classy look and feel.
  • It helps your posture and your back to walk tall
  • It helps you walk more confident
  • I have walked with it for more than 4 hours and still get the same feel as walking on a regular dress shoes.
  • Buying is very private, you can order online without a hassle and they deliver very fast.
  • The price is just the same as the regular shoes if not its a bit cheaper than buying those expensive shoes that makes you look shorter.
  • It last longer because of the quality of shoes. (I have asked people who are using tallmenshoes and I have heard that his pair actually is almost 5 years now and still in good shape.
  • Wearing the right cut pants will make your legs look longer.


  • you can not run with, probably you have to get use to it before you get the full benefit
  • you can not wear shorts with it because it may look obvious when it is very visible.


If you stand below 5’8 which is the standard height for people living in America, I recommend buying yourself at least a pair of this shoes.  Specially when you are meeting people who can sometimes look down to small people.  Increasing your height can make you feel more empowered and confident, having the chance to look at someone eye to eye with looking up is a great feeling.

People think I stand 5’10 and if you are going to ask me about my real height…that is a big secret!

Author: MisterCMT
MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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