The New Miss Universe 2015 is Miss… OOOPSS!!!

This has been a very historical event to the Miss Universe beauty pageant. After wrongfully announcing the wrong country it definitely made it to the history.

Steve Harvey the host of the noontime show Family Feud took the courage to stand in front of thousands of people and live in front of millions of TV viewers and own his mistake for announcing Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015 was indeed a courageous act.  It was an honest mistake and who would want to make a mistake where people around the world are watching you?  So let us give him the benefit, Steve Harvey is a good man after all.

What made this show really a milestone is that after 42 years of waiting and trying really hard to get the crown, the Philippines finally bagged it and it is not going anywhere except to this country of beautiful women.

It must have been really terrible for Miss Colombia, due to the fact that she was expecting a back-to-back win, and I can see it at Miss Universe 2014’s face the dismay and frustration. That is life, because when she won the crown last year, there was also acontroversy, that she robbed the crown from Miss Jamaica. So much for a back-to-back expectations!

Miss USA indeed has a good disposition, she was 2nd runner up and for me she should have been the first runner up having an answer with more substance. You can actually tell that she is satisfied with what she had achieved and is a good sport. It was a competition and one will only win the crown.

Miss Philippines on the other hand, was kinda quite at first, she was never an attention grabber, unlike Miss Colombia who always tried to stay to the front and poses side by side with Miss USA. Although we all know that the Philippines for almost 5 years has been placing a good spot, Miss Philippines silently creeps up to the top spot. She emerged and stole the show, of course with help of the Filipinos who almost filled the venue, Miss Philippines gazed the world with her fierce and gorgeous looks.

I am not sure if this was true, since FOX TV decided to cut them off the air and never had the chance to see the after the show scene, apparently Miss Philippines was suppose to give the crown back to Miss Colombia. That would have been a greater disaster! It was very clear that she was the winner and the crown belongs to her, giving it to Miss Colombia out of pity just because she feels sorry for her was an insult. Good thing the staff stopped her and had her claim the much coveted crown.

Miss Philippines got the right answer, by saying I am confidently beautiful with a heart because that is what Miss Universe is all about, being confidently beautiful!

Quoting Miss Universe 2015 “its a very nontraditonal crowning moment… very 2015!”

Congratulations Miss Philippines! The New Miss Universe 2015.


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    An ackward moment in the miss universe history


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