The Pain in Loving from a Distance

   Do you ever feel sometimes how love for someone can not just be full of happiness but sadness and pain too?

   Love should be full of happiness, joyful, blissful and makes you feel alive.  However, why are there times where you feel so down, sad and lonely specially when you think of the one you love?

   There are so many factors to this and one is distance,  that physical distance that not only hinders you from expressing how much you love the person. This distance that makes you feel so helpless in touching, kissing, embracing and most of all making your loved one feel secure and assured that you will always be with them no matter what life brings. Talking on the phone or seeing each other on Skype can alleviate the longing you feel for that someone, but there is nothing compare to being together. This is by far the worse thing that could ever happen to people who love each other and distance sets them apart.

   Have you ever felt sometimes when you love someone your heart just wants to burst and be scattered into pieces because you can not be together?

   Have you ever been so sad when the thought of someone makes your heart so heavy and you can not even move a muscle because you feel so hopeless in being a support to your loved one?

   Do you ever feel like your heart is being crushed and stabbed millions of times just because you miss the one you love and wants to be with them so badly?

   Do you ever feel paranoid about what is going on in your loved ones mind when you can not talk because of certain circumstances and makes you wonder if they still love you?

   Do you ever feel so weak when you can not even talk to them just because your time does not coincide and you want to pull that time back again?

   Was there an instance where you can’t hide your emotion when you face the person you love and just be sad while you are talking to them and not being physically together in one place?

   These are just some of the things that makes a person feel so sad, depressed and worthless because of love and distance.

   Love should be shared by people who need each other and wants to be together so they can express how much they feel for each other.

   Love should cause you happiness and not loneliness, love should make you feel alive and not sulking and wallowing in self pity, love should be the bond that keeps you together when times gets rough and full of problems.

   Expressing love should be tangible, it should be felt, it should be full of smile and laughter, it should not be hinder by time and space between the two of you.

   I am aware to what most people say when you feel hurt because of love, is the fact that you are really loving. But why does this happen and why most people feel sad and lonesome because of love?

How about you?

What kind of pain have you ever felt in times where you feel love?

Please feel free to share as this will help answer so many people’s question about why there is pain in love.


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.