Top 10 Restroom Etiquette for Guys

Restroom is a place where all people feel refreshed and relieved. This is the place where most people think after drinking spree, binging or just to clean or freshen up. So most guys must follow strict unwritten rules about being inside a restroom especially when it is open to the public.

1. Just zip in and out of the restroom really quick!
When using the restroom, you primary intention is just to answer the call of nature, so just do your business really quick, wash your hands and then leave. Do not forget to check you fly if it is open.

2. Mind your own business.
When inside the restroom looking or gazing at someone and checking out their activity is very offensive or may convey sexual advancement, again you are there to do your own business and not someone else’ business, and stop being nosy, this will make the other guy defensive and may lead to something bad. This is simply tasteless, you can just wait outside the restroom and do all the staring you want.

3. No Eye Contact
Looking at someone and staring can lead to something, it may be a fight or simply something sexual, however, having an eye contact can either make you or break you. It is much better to look forward like as if you have no care in the world if there is a person in the restroom with you. Meeting someone inside a restroom is something you can not brag about.

4. Keep your Distance
There is an unwritten rule about using the cubicle or the urinal, make sure you are using the far end of each cubicle or urinal row, unless you really have to go and can not hold it anymore. Keeping your distance from the other person using the urinal is the right thing to do, specially when there is only you and the other person in that restroom, never use adjacent cubicle or urinals.

5. Always flush the toilet after each use
This is very rude and unethical, not to mention disgusting. In the case that you went inside a cubicle and someone intentionally did not flush their garbage, you can just go use the other cubicle or urinal. Keep this practice at all times.

6. Lift the toilet seat
Make sure to lift the toilet seat when peeing, this will avoid spreading germs to the next user. Be considerate to the next user if he needs to use the toilet seat. Although there are paper seat covers, the practice of lifting the toilet seat will save you both time inside the restroom. You can use your foot top lift it up or use a toilet paper to avoid touching the toilet seat with bare hands.

7. Avoid making sound when dumping.
This can be very annoying to the other person who can hear you playing your low musical instrument. Also avoid grunting when trying to push it out, just relax and take your time so you can complete the elimination process.

8. Avoid chatting while using the urinals or cubicle.
Guys who likes to chat while urinating can take so much time. These guys tend to talk a lot while peeing are like pea brains since by nature peeing shows sign of being territorial, and whoever finishes last owns the territory. This can aggravate a situation when someone is actually waiting for their turn and can hear the possible profanity and get annoyed.

9. Avoid handshake
Shaking someone’s hand after using the loo can be very unhygienic! Some guys do not wash their hands after using the restroom, and you do not want their urine or crap all over your hands. Plus imagine what those hands where holding a few minutes ago, it is just like doing the other guy a favor. If you accidentally see someone you know inside the restroom, do not shake his hand, immediately wash your hand, this will avoid the handshake and this also suggest washing his hand too. Dry up and tell him you will meet him outside the restroom.

10. Tap Tap Tap.
Remember when you are tapping little teetee more that 3x you are already playing with it.

Besides that signal is weak inside

Talking while someone is aiming the urinal can be startling

Being noisy on the phone can make someone lose their concentration while dumping

Can make someone feel you are invading people’s privacy

Selfies can end up having a butt photobomb


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