The New MisterCMT and Guycasual combined in one website for a more powerful content and post.

MisterCMT the original blogger of Guycasual.com has decided to join the two forces of his original website.


Blogger: Scott G Drury

Editor: Thomas M. Drury

MisterCMT is a blogsite that operates in Los Angeles, but not limited to California and the US alone.  MisterCMT travels worldwide in order to serve its readers the full spectrum of informational purposes.

We try to be as truthful and honest in the service of our online readers.

About the blogger:

Scott G Drury has a degree in Political Science, a Social Service designee who focuses on elderly care.  Is also a Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist who specializes in natural approach to medication and treatments.  A church servant who provides service to church as a Lector, a minister of hospitality and a mass coordinator and has a plan of becoming a Deacon someday.   An Advocate of less fortunate babies and abandoned elderly.


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