Top 16 Visitor’s Etiquette to Practice

Visiting someone’s house or residence is one of the most guarding moment in our lives, when we are at someone’s house we always feel that all eyes are on us and we have to be at our best behavior.
So here are some visitor’s etiquette that one must follow when you are at someone’s place.

  1. Inform ahead of time about your visit – Call or send a message that you are visiting, never ever just show up in front of their door and feel welcome, even close friends and family members need time to prep up.
  2. Wait to be welcomed – When visiting someone’s place, wait for the host to open the door for you and ask you to come in. Never ever step in right away without the host’s permission.
  3. Be Courteous – always greet the host and do not ignore them. This will lash back on your manners. The host and family will never welcome you back again.
  4. Never seat right away and be cozy – Wait for the host to ask you to seat before making yourself cozy, it will send a not so good message that you are an arrogant butt hole.
  5. Respect privacy – Do not interfere or loiter around the host’s private rooms and property. Do not go to a room without being invited. Do not ask too much questions about their personal lives unless the host started asking about yours.
  6. Know your boundary – Do not just loiter around and feel at home TOO much, the host or residence may need to do something routinary and your presence may interfere with what they need to do.
  7. Do not Criticize – Criticizing anything whether the house of the host or other people’s house will make the host feel uncomfortable and paranoid about you. Make sure you do not criticize or compare other houses you have been to. This only reflects that you are not a good guest and they will definitely think that you will also criticize them when you are at another friend’s house.
  8. Bring something to share – if you plan to stay longer than expected and will pass the lunch or dinner time, make sure you have something to share. This is not set on stone but bringing something except yourself is always a good impression maker.
  9. Keep your voice in moderation – Being loud and noisy while at someone’s house is a NO NO! People who live in that house needs there privacy and relaxation time, talking in a very loud voice or shouting is not to be done. Unless you are having a good hearty conversation with the host, however, you have to do it with class or manners.
  10. Always ask. Remember, you’re a guest. Even if the host tells you to make yourself at home, you still have to ask before you start using things.
  11. Offer Help in doing chores – this depends on the culture of the homeowner, however, ask if they need help in doing something, do not expect them to treat you like a royalty. Although a good host will never let their guest work on their house, offering is really not a bad idea at all.
  12. Stay off the Fridge – Do not ransack the fridge, you can help in getting something from the fridge or ask if yo can get something to drink or eat. However, frequent visit to the fridge and eating whatever you see is simply rude and tasteless.
  13. Keep your area clean – tidying or cleaning up the place where you stayed at or your spot is a must. Do not bring your being a slob to someone’s house.
  14. No Take Homes – you are not in a restaurant or fastfood where you can order for to go. Most often than not, the host has a budget for your visit unless their are mega rich and ask you to take some food or anything home.
  15. Do Not Overstay – Remember that you are there to visit and not as a transient renter, the host have their own lives to run too and not to babysit and overstaying visitor.
  16. Always say Thank You! – Being grateful of the host’s hospitality is very heartwarming. Making them feel that they did a good job in welcoming you to their home.

How about you guys? How did you act as a visitor the last time you visited someone’s house?

Follow this rules… but if you are already “one of the family”…then it is a different story!


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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