Enjoying your Youth


Kids now a days are eager to grow old and not just to grow up, some kids at a very young age of 12 are now getting involved in smoking, drinking and even sex.   Some were not even on their puberty stage yet and they are so succumb to the idea of experiencing what adults are doing.

According to studies, kids who are 16 years and below are still considered a child and of course still very much a minor, but most of them now are so much into vices that makes one look older and not to mention getting out of focus when it comes to studies.

I have seen so many youngsters who are getting involved to much with someone and are very sexually active.  I am not condoning having a relationship at a very young age, because that is where everybody is exploring about their identity, and expressions of love and emotions are so intense that makes us feel excited and inspired.  The feeling of “young love sweet love”, those moments where your heart leaps by the mere sighting of your crush and the sweetness of your first kiss.  We all go through this phase in teenage life that makes the full experience of what love and relationship is all about.

Guidance and Rebellion

However, teenagers must guided by someone who is mature enough to give them pieces of advice on how to act according to their age, but this does not mean you should act like toddlers who are completely new to the world.  Being a responsible teenager is as easy as it is, having an open communication with you parents is very important.  Your parents will not treat you like you know nothing if you will ask them of things you need to know.

Boys are more prone to rebellious acts, and this is a very delicate thing to tap because most kids would often claim that they are not being understood by their parents that is why they result to rebelling.

(Parents must also be open to their children and are always ready to listen to their kids, be open.)

Rebellious act is a form of wasting your youth, again you only have 16 years of your life to enjoy being a kid and the rest after 18 years of age you will be on your own and deciding for your own.  Your parents will not be there with you all the time to help you on all things, but to guide and support you with only what is they are obliged to as your parents.

There are things that are worth experiencing as a kid, but their are things that are not even worth thinking about.

Being an adult, yes you can do all things you want, whatever that pleases you and decide on things that involves your life and how you run it.  However, being an adult comes with responsibility, and that is the biggest word that is associated with adulthood.  You must have your own backbone to be able to do whatever you like, you have to work to support yourself financially.  You have to be responsible to enter a relationship and do your part as the boyfriend, although, now a days it does not matter who wears the pants and being the boss, the fact still remains that the guy or the man should be the source of strength in the relationship.  Women likes strong men with “balls” and not some lame guys who they can just shout at and push around.

Enjoy Being Young

What is the benefit of being a child and why you should not waste this phase and just enjoy or even try to stretch the days of this early life?

First everything is just given to you, you are lucky if you have doting parents who spoils you with everything they can give. Imagine all those expensive toys and gadgets you get when you do good at school. Imagine those top of the line shoes that cost so much you can feed a whole class, those clothes that makes you look like a model and feel so comfortable.

Second you are pampered and everything is prepared for you, you do not have to think of your dirty laundry, you do not have to cook food for yourself when you are hungry, all you have to do is to say “mom or dad I am hungry”.

The education that is being given to you, imagine you don’t have to work just to get a good education, it is your parent’s obligation to send you out to school and prepare you for a better future.

You can play anytime as long as you are done with school and homework.  This is one thing that adult can not do anymore, play as a child, not because they are already old and it is not proper, but the physical capability of an adult to run and handle those bundle of energy with starting to feel the back pain or arthritis.

You can go places where your family goes, you do not have to think of the budget that comes with traveling, let your parents worry about it.

You can have unlimited dreams and are not obliged to make it come true right away.  You have all the time to prepare for it and build your ladder in achieving this dream someday in your adult life.  Like driving a car, be in front of the class and be their teacher, running your own lemonade business, be a fireman or a doctor.

Eat anything you like and not worry about getting high blood pressure or high cholesterol level, without the worry of gaining weight.

You do not have to think of the bills, mortgage, rentals and budgets, all you do is to make yourself look cute and your allowance will be handed to you. The money you get without working hard is the best feeling you will miss when you start working and earning on your own.

You do not encounter problems like adults, the only problem you might encounter is how to pass the test and the school year.

You do not have kids to feed, to send to school, to buy clothes and shoes, to give allowance to. You can go anywhere without thinking of a kid at home being left alone who might get hungry and get into mischief or accident.

Missing my Youth

I miss being a student, I miss those school activities where the only people who judges you are the teachers who are there to grade your work and still gives you the chance to improve your craft when you fail.

Hanging out with friends seems to be so exciting and every activities seems so new every time you hangout.  The excitement of exploring with your friends and classmates is always there when you see each other.  We were so excited to meet during break time, the long telephone conversation seem endless.  The feeling when your crush smiled and said hi to you or when you finally got his or her number.  The fun of slumber party and sleep overs, staying late seem like a big deal to you.

These are just some of the things that you will miss when you grow old, although it is not too late for younger people to enjoy their youth, but the key is live your youthful life to the fullest and with a purpose and not waste it on things that will become a big regret someday.


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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