Viber is Now Available for Blackberry Passport Users

This is a good news to all blackberry passport users and Viber fanatics.  You can now install Viber thru Amazon App on your blackberry passport.

This is a great news to all Viber users who can not leave Android or IOS.  At first I was kinda skeptical about this because when I tried downloading Viber app through a certain website, it did not work at all.  I was really frustrated about this and so I got myself a prepaid sim card just to keep my Viber in use with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

So when I found out that we can install Viber through Amazon and installed it, I was so happy to see that it is actually working and with the latest version.

I still remember a post from Crackberry about a statement from the Viber developer stating that they have no intention of developing viber for BlackBerry passport. Well we found a way and thank you still for having it on Amazon App.

I am just not sure if I was late in finding this recent development about Viber of Amazon App, but I am still happy about having a Viber on my Blackberry Passport.

All the best!



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2 thoughts on “Viber is Now Available for Blackberry Passport Users

  • November 4, 2015 at 5:30 am

    Thank you for this post MisterCMT now I can use viber again.


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