WordPress for Blackberry Passport Users

When I first had my Blackberry Passport I never thought I will be blogging with wordpress anymore.  I tried installing WordPress by saving it on my memory card and just re-installing it on my Blackberry Passport, but to no avail.

Last night while I was browsing through Blackberry world and found out about Viber and how to install it in Blackberry Passport, I thought of typing WordPress at the search button.  There it is! WordPress and it is also FREE.

I was already confident that this will work because Viber did worked!  Installed it and presto!  The only issue is that sometimes it lags and the category I was trying to press took time to show up.

However, I am still glad to see a WordPress icon in my Blackberry Passport home screen and began writing this post.

All the best!


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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