Safety During Fueling

We have heard lots of scary stories about gasoline station exploding and getting burned because of some simple things that triggered it.

Here are some safety reminders when pumping gas.

  • No Smoking within 50 feet.
  • Turn the engine off when fueling.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off or not in use.
  • If you are filling up a container make sure it is on the ground and never use unapproved containers.  Always be sure to keep the nozzle inside the container during filling.wpid-safety.jpg
  • Before pumping, make sure to touch any metal on the car away from your the fuel filler with bare hands.  This will discharge your static electricity on your body.
  • Never ever allow children to pump gas for you, anywhere in the world only licensed people are allowed to pump gas.
  • Never leave while pumping gas, leaving it unattended might cause serious damage and accident.
  • In case of fire use the emergency shut-off button to stop the pump.

Health Warnings:

Gas or Fuel is harmful when swallowed and long-term exposure to the vapors can cause serious injury or illness such as lungs, brain and heart problem and can cause cancer.

  • make sure your face is far from the nozzles and gas tank
  • Try not to breath the gas vapor
  • Avoid in contact with mouth
  • Keep away from eyes and skin


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