My Take On The Philippines Presidential Candidates

Although I am not in the position to influence the Filipinos on who to vote, because I am not a Filipino Citizen myself, I have been observing the campaign strategies and dramas just like how I observe the 2016 Presidential Election here in America.

In the Philippines they have five strong contenders who are vying for the position of being the next president or a successor to the incumbent president Benigno S. Aquino.  The five presidential aspirants are Senator Grace Poe, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, Vice President Jejomar Binay, Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

My take to this, all these candidates are capable of being a leader and had proven themselves with their track records in running their respective offices and designations. However, what is behind this glorified and sensationalized achievements are what also pulls them down from winning the position.

From what I have watched regarding their performances during the 3 presidential debates, only few of them or even 2 of them only proves that they can be a good representative of the country. My point here, is that some of them did not even followed the rules of debate. So why would someone be the ruler of all laws in the a certain country if they can not even hold their own emotion and break the rules of even just a simple debate? Got my drift?


During the debate they are advised not to bring premade notes that would raise flag to the viewers. Possessing a note may give the impression that a question may have leaked and any contenders may already have known the answers. Vice President Binay was called to this because he was carrying a note with him, this paved the way to his declining popularity.  This was just a proof that he is not capable of decision making when a sudden problem arise. The whole duration of the debate, he was either on the attack mode or defense mode, and does not have a clear platform on where to start and what to do except his claim to Makati.

Senator Grace Poe on the other hand was one of the strong contender and with a good position to all the surveys, however, she had lost a brownie point by losing her reputation of being mild mannered and of composure. She was on the attack mode to the administration where she belongs to and that did not bold well.  It was a surprise to the people and even to myself why a political figure who have won the hearts of million Filipinos because she was sophisticated and had the grace under pressure character, flipped like a switch and turn into an Amazonian.

Mayor Rodirgo Duterte may have not won the debate because of his lack of ability to handle firing questions, but his calm personality won him points by not slashing and attacking deliberately.  His matter of fact way of answering the questions, made him look he is on top of everything. However, his rough around the edges attitude by being vocal about killing and murdering people only shows a leader who are being followed not because he is good but feared, and also he claims he can actually kill.

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was a bit of a surprise…frustratingly.  We were expecting the iron lady who would just grill anybody with her strong opinion and base of what is the law and no one is above the law attitude.  In the recent debate, I was frustrated by not seeing that strong opinionated woman, but a weak sickly woman trying to fight back to regain her strength. Most of the time spaced out and grasping words, it was probably the effect of the medications she is currently taking that makes her sluggish and slow.

Secretary Mar Roxas, the front liner of the government on the other hand gave a good fight. He knows what he was saying and he knows the game of politics. The only thing that got him off the line, was just like Grace Poe, he missed points on the rules of debate. His disposition about his attackers made him lose focus, and instead of just pointing out on his goal, he swerved and got out of track.  One thing I have notice is that, unlike Duterte and Poe, he lacks the power to attract things, he did not claim the position, making him looked like he does not really want the position all.  Instead of saying “If you will vote for me” he should have said “As the President”.  That will make people get the feel of a president in front of them.

My Opinion:

Corruption is everywhere, as in no country had proven that there was never a slight hint of corruption in the government. Who would touch a dirt and be not dirty right? However, the Philippines with its current administration, as an outsider have seen the economic growth, that is why I still don’t understand why most of the people below the poverty line says that their lives has not change at all. I have made a research about their employment rate and I was delighted to see the improvement.

Starting with the vice president Jejomar Binay who keeps on bragging about what he had done in Makati. Most people know that Makati has been the most progressive city in Metro Manila right even before he became the mayor. Why can not he brag about what he had done as the Vice President of the Philippines? If he can not even do anything with what has been assigned to him as one of the cabinet members, how will people know he is capable of leading the whole country? The Vice President has been charge with corruptions and yet claims innocence because there was not case filed against him, yes there was no case filed and it is because of his immunity, stop being stupid people! Got my drift?

Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the dictator who is very vocal about killing bad people. He has been bragging about liquidating small time pushers and kidnappers in his territory, but had he caught any big fish at all? Case and point here, while killing and putting the small time pushers, thieves and law breakers, where is the proof that he had even touched the strand of the big source? The gambling lords? the big time smugglers? Lastly, he was also vocal about his connection with the leftist who spreads terrorism in the Philippines. On an interview he brags about his conversation with a certain anti-government figure. What is wrong with this picture?

Senator Grace Poe she is being bashed, criticized and pulled down because she was once a naturalized American citizen. Her detractors even said that she was a traitor because she denounced her being Filipino. The Law says that a natural born citizen can run for the presidential position and in her case, must be a resident of the Philippines. She was a “foundling” and was found in the soil of the Philippines, case and point here, if you have the money to support your baby, would you even go to the Philippines which is a third world country and leave your baby there? Answer is NO.  The only thing about Senator Poe is that she forgot that she is part of the government she is bashing, and instead of finding fault, why not just help in making things right? She should focus on her platform and stay the sophistication that helped her won the senatorial seat.

Secretary Mar Roxas, has been bashed and roasted on social media by President Aquino’s detractors. It is a case of guilty by association, just because he does not have a clear platform and only wants to continue what was started by the current administration. He may have the point, the Filipino may admit it or not, but on the international scene, during this administration the Filipino has been waving its full potential. Most Filipino does not know what credit worthy is, that is why they can not feel the up trend of the Philippines to the international market.  Another point to be taken seriously here is, why when that dirty mouth Davao city Mayor talks about being brutal, most Filipinos find it endearing and a security blanket, while Mar Roxas’ words are a disgust? Secretary Roxas should be more careful with his actions and words especially in this time of social media.

Senator Miriam Santiago, may have lost the presidential race twice, and this third time may not be of luck for her again. It is just too bad, she would have been a good leader because of the strong conviction and knowledge of the Law. Good thing her running mate Bongbong Marcos is a sure winner to the Vice Presidential post, and may become the President if Mayor Duterte is man enough to fulfill his promise to resign if he can not wipe out and clean the country in 3 – 6 months. Among the 5 aspirants I can see Senator Santiago as the most qualified to become the president because of her wit and good public image.  She may not be the favorite among her colleague but she will definitely be the rightful leader of the country.

Final Message:

This Presidential election is very interesting.  May 9, 2016, is the day when we will see if the Filipinos had learned their lesson of the past, two presidents has been sent to jail for corruption because they voted not with their hearts and mind, but with their eyes and pockets.  I know that vote buying is prevalent in the Philippines and influence takes a big part when choosing who to vote, but voters must understand that it is not just the history that they are making, but the future of their kids and the new generations. Vote not because your favorite celebrity endorses the candidate, vote not because your family and friend likes the party they are running from.  The reason why there is election is to look for a leader who can help the country to become more progressive, more peaceful and orderly and most of all to unite the country with one goal and aspiration; and as to what the Philippine preamble says;

to build a just and humane society, establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony… the blessings of independence and democracy, under the rule of law and regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality and peace…

Now do you think your presidential candidate can adhere to this? Or just another political head who will get themselves rich while a lot of you are starving and have their family think that they are the most important people in your country?

The money you are getting from these candidates are good only while it last… a day! But the future of your children starts when you sign that ballot.  A word of advice…THINK!

This is just my opinion and as a Political Analyst I have a degree in Political Science, my observation as an outsider to the way Filipinos pick their political candidate is not paid or influenced by any political figure, family, friends and or supporter of this website.


MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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