It Pays To Be Extra Nice A Video Message from Kisses Delavin

I never thought that being nice really pays off, because according to my experience with most people I helped, I just got so disappointed and frustrated on how my good deeds are being repaid by abuse and being taken advantage of.

I never even got a simple thank you, and even had to ask if the thing or assistance I gave was being appreciated.  I met this girl on twitter through the same group we are into and that is being a follower of Kisses Delavin.  Her twitter account is @akosipholdo and she was the sweetest girl on the internet, not because she gave me something I really appreciate but the fact that she went her way to get me a video greeting from kisses is what I appreciate the most. To cut my long story short this is what she sent me.

It was a video message from Kisses Delavin herself and I was so stoked by the fact that a celebrity actually mentioned my name (although she addressed me as MisterCMT), and that really lit me up.

Thank you Ahpril @akosipholdo

and most of all Thank you Kisses Delavin for being so nice and accommodating, thank you for the video greeting.