Top 10 Locker Room Etiquette

Locker room is an in-and-out place where people usually crams just to either change outfit and feel fresh after a hard work out.  This is that room where guys usually and should feel more comfortable in their nakedness so proper etiquette must definitely be observed.

I frequent the gym and for so many years I have seen so many guys doing different things while inside the locker room, and for some reason most of the younger guys think that it is actually a hangout area where they can exchange banters, show their bodies off and some thinks that it is a lobby where they can use their phones.

This is the reason why I thought of writing my own locker room etiquette according to my own observations.

   1.   Never Use Mobile Phone Inside The Locker Room 

Like the work out area etiquette, NEVER ever use your phone while you are inside the locker room.  If you have a call and you really have to take it, you can step outside on the hall way and answer it.  Texting or answering email must also be put in consideration, you must keep in mind that people are there to take their clothes off and are in their most vulnerable state. Try to understand that not all guys are comfortable with their bodies and some will find it offensive and rude to use cellphones while inside the locker room and not to mention that it is the number one rule posted on every locker room entrance and walls.

Lastly…Do your SELFIES when you only have the locker room all by yourself!

2.  Keep Your Eyes at Eye Level at All Time

This should have been the number one rule, however I think this is not as sensitive than having a camera phone and taking a picture of your coochie and teetee that can leak out to the internet.  Always keep your eyes at eye level at all time, looking down and not on the floor can make you look like you are up to a sausage festival.  Not all guys are comfortable being stared at specially when the family jewel is exposed.  Either you are going to get beaten up really bad or you will end up being banned for lewd or behaving inappropriately.

3.  Always Practice Modesty

Although Locker room is known for danglers and bouncers, covering yourself up or just wrapping a towel around your waist is not a bad idea at all.  Not unless you are a pervert, exhibitionist or a porno-wana-be, walking around on your birthday suit for too long may not win you a new friend.  Trust me, most of the guys in the locker room either think you are a jerk showing off or looking for hook up.

4.  You Are Only Allowed to Use a Locker

You are only there to use a locker to keep your stuff safe, and not the whole locker room where you occupy too much space just being there giggling like a little girl while texting someone.  Be considerate enough to other users who are there to change or put their clothes on specially after the shower.  Sitting on a bench while someone is still naked trying to squeeze themselves because you are taking your sweet time or just on your phone talking or texting is very alarming, again refer to rule number 1.

5.  Do Not Be a Slug

I have noticed and it is kind of funny because, most of the guys who act so slow in preparing or fixing themselves up are younger guys who should have all the energy to move quick and act quick.  I know that working out is very tiring and can be very exhausting, but after a work out you tend to think quicker since adrenalin has been pumped.  So moving fast, quick and sure of what you need to do should have been a routine already.

6.   Do Not Be A Slob

Keeping your things organized will only make you look respectable, and using the facilities without leaving a mess must be practice at all time.  The cleaning guy will appreciate it more if you try make his work easier.  DO NOT Spit on the floor!  some guys walk bare feet and will not appreciate stepping on your spit.  Wiping off the area after each use will be a pleasant experience for the next user. Lastly, sit on your towel when using the bench, nobody wants your butt juice on their pants or shorts.

7.  Be Respectful About Personal Space

Locker Room is known for quick in and out movements by guys who are really into keeping themselves in shape, so giving someone their time to prepare and fix themselves will not make you a lesser class of a guy.  Give them time to cover themselves up or finish changing from or to their gym clothes will make things flow better.  This is also another way to make them feel obligated to act quickly and be cordial to you since they can sense that you are waiting.

8.  Never Touch!

Touching yourself while naked may seem a little off when you are inside the locker room, it is not very accommodating and it does not look right.  Also handshakes are fine, but bro hug and you are naked (uhhmmm) or touching any part of someone’s body is a little scary! ….and please keep your hands off your junkie! Enough said!

9.  Make Sure You are Dry Before Entering the Locker Area.

This will not only help you get in your clothes and shoes quickly, but will also keep other people safe from walking around.  Toweling dry or shaking off excess water from your body will keep you moving faster and getting out of the locker room is a breeze.

10.  Profanity is Equal To Low Quality

Last thing that guys must know when inside the locker room is to act and behave according to how you were taught by your parents and your teachers.  Being inside the locker room and talking trash and garbage can make other people either feel uncomfortable or irritated.  locker room tends to echo your voice and saying obscene dirty words and swearing is like giving other people the right to measure your breeding like a low class dumpster.



MisterCMT is a California Certified Massage and Holistic Therapist, Social Service Designee, A Political Scientist, and a Consultant who loves to travel and check things and places out. An artist by heart who loves to be in commune with any forms or medium of modern and contemporary work of arts.

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