The Healing Power of Faith by Father Joey Faller

Father Joey Faller has been a priest since 1989 and was claimed to be used by God as a medium to manifest His healing. Father Joseph Faller was from Lucian Quezon, where he founded his Kamay ni Hesus  (Hand of Jesus) Healing center.  It is a place where believers go to for healing of physical, emotional and psychological illnesses.  Most people who goes to Kamay ni Hesus Healing center claimed that they had been healed by Father Faller.

Father Faller was an achiever when he was still in the seminary and in school. He topped the exams and graduated with highest honors. His healing started way before he had a car accident and damaged his right arm, the accident did not demoralized him, but instead, made him see the purpose when his little and ring finger were bent permanently thus making him see the hand of the little Jesus Christ (Santo Nino).  His healing continued even more and traveled around the world to reach those people who believe in him.

Base on my observations the fame did not get into him, Father Faller still insist that it is Jesus Christ who heals and he is just a medium. He always says that our faith in the Lord is what heals us.  I  have met him twice when he celebrated a mass at the Holy Family Catholic church in Artesia CA, where he also did a mass healing.  He was really warm and very accommodating, he was very humble and makes you feel the presence of the Lord. His homily was really very lively and you can tell that he loves watching The Filipino Channel where he also had a show every Sunday.  He leads this Kamay ni Hesus Cristo (Hand of Jesus Christ) movement and is very successful about reaching to all the Catholics here in the US and around the world, his staff was kind of stand offish and not really friendly but they are not the reason why people go to anyway.