Prayer… Direct Communication With God

When we are in need of something we pray.

When we are in danger we pray.

When we feel low and empty we pray.

When we sad and alone we pray.

When we need to find an answer we pray.

When we need miracles we pray

Most specially when we are thankful with all the good things that is happening in our lives, whether it is disguised or an apparent blessings we pray to God.

What is prayer and why does it works for people of faith? Why does it work when the desire of the heart is so intense and you know it will be given to you?

Prayer is a direct communication with God and He can see what is in our hearts, as long as he knows it will make us a better person and will not hurt anyone, He listens.

Prayer does not have to be hard, long and repetitive, most of the time when you try to use your heart to utter your innermost desire that is when it is granted. As what Jesus said in Mark 11:24 “Whatever you ask for in prayer in my name, as long as you believe you have already received it, you shall have it”.

How do we know that our prayer is already granted?  Some can be seen or felt, but if you will keep your senses active and see the signs, that is when you know that your prayer has been granted. Doubt plays a major role in not seeing the signs, this also makes praying and believing hard. When you doubt it means that your faith is not whole and it can be shaken. When you doubt it means you do not trust the Lord or worse you don’t believe in Him.

For some people who believe in the Law of Attraction (like I do), the universe is the one responsible for making our dreams come true. The universe aligns itself to give what we claim to be rightfully ours. You see, this is also based on Mark 11:24, Ask…Believe and Receive. What I do believe is this, the universe who grants the desire of my thoughts is created by God, the universe is what manifest the reality of what we feel and think, some people may see the universe as the “grantor” but it is actually the Lord who makes it possible.

I know that it is super easy to doubt than to believe, because people tends to be practical in any sense, and as much as we want to have the full faith in Him, there is going to be a part of us where we doubt if it’s given to us. The trick here is to assess first if what we desire is not just good for us, but also for others. Have you ever noticed when you pray for someone the answer happens so quickly? Because it is selflessness and you only think of the welfare of that person. When this happen, people will also start praying for you and their prayers will also be granted because they are praying out of selflessness and love.

God is Love, when we have love in our hearts, it only possess good things, because of love there is no hate, and hate can hurt. Fill your heart will love when praying and you will see that whatever you ask for whenever you pray and be thankful in advance, you will see the reality of your desire.