Depression Is Not Something We Laugh About

I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it is a type of depression that is related to changes in seasons – mainly when the weather is gloomy. To some people this kind of disorder is normal and needs less of an attention. However, what other people are not aware about is the severity or the intensity of the depression that attacks my whole being.

Depression is depression and it is not something that people should not be nonchalant about. The sadness experienced differs from people to people or rather we call it victims of this life altering disorder.

My episodes occurs every 6 years and my recent episode was 4 years ago. As I remember, it was very traumatic, I succumbed to alcohol and a bottle of tequila was just like drinking a bottle of orange juice. I can still vividly remember how I desperately wanted to get intoxicated so I can just pass out and sleep, but to no avail. Rather, it worsened that despondency that brought anguish and despair. It made me feel and think I was losing my wit and going insane, although in the back of my mind I know it was just an episode attack of SAD.


Although I was prescribed by my doctor something to treat the symptoms, I forced myself not to be dependent on those pills that made me feel worse than what we normally feel with the aftermaths of being intoxicated. Being on that pill It felt really worse, I was not sure about the hallucinations that slowly enveloped my senses, I became paranoid of so little things, like, will I die in my sleep? Are people talking about me behind my back? How about my family and loved ones? Are they getting tired of me? Do they think I was going insane and would just call an ambulance to send me to a mental institution?

These are the things that exacerbate the state of being depressed, the feeling of mental, emotion and even physical instability. You can not think clearly, you feel numb and every inch of your body aches and is weak.


The reason why I have decided to share this to all my readers although I know it may implicate atrocities, it is because I have being seeing and reading articles, comments on social medias and tv show host making fun and belittling people who claims that they are suffering from depressions. Making ignorant comments like depression is just an imaginary state of mind where people with depression only seeks attention and just blowing things out of proportion. I clearly remember some fans saying they wish that the celebrity they hate would become depressed so she would commit suicide.

Although I know that the statement came from an uneducated poser of a nurse, the fact still remains that these people have no idea of what depression is all about. These ignorant people should be kept in an facility where they can not say words that can inflict no more harm to people who are already suffering.


Creating awareness about depression should start from home, parents must educate themselves by reading about this life altering disorder and pass it to their children so that when it affects them, they know how to go through it and fight it themselves.

Depression can lead to taking your own life if not properly managed.

Depression is different from trauma, a person suffering from depression has no understanding of what is going on, while a person who was traumatized was triggered by an unfortunate event. Although the intensity and severity of the sadness and misery is the same, people who were traumatized has more opportunity to choose on how they will cope up with the worse situation they are in, while the person suffering from depression can only wait for it to pass the cycle.

What people suffering from depression needs is to feel the love and support of his family and friends and not to experience berate from the society. To make them see and feel that no matter what, they are all there beside them loving and understanding them.