Lemon-Strawberry-Cucumber Detox

lemonLemon is known for its load of health giving vitamins and minerals that helps the body stay nourished and fights certain diseases. The best know vitamins that is known to get from lemon is Vitamin C which helps in maintain and immune system booster. Other vitamins that lemon offers are Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, iron, magnesium, zinc and a lot more. With its reach antioxidant and cancer fighting properties, no doubt lemon is one of the most known in helping our body heal itself faster.

screenshot_2016-03-15-01-43-54-1.pngCucumber is one of the known “superfoood”, because of all the nutrients and health benefits our body needs. Cucumber is great in potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B which aides in boosting or increasing your metabolism. Cucumber also contains nail health-promoting mineral silica. Besides it antioxidant properties like beta-carotene, it also helps in lowering blood pressure .  Cucumber also supports your digestive system, with its fiber rich insoluble making bowel movement easier.

screenshot_2016-03-15-01-44-19-1.pngStrawberry is rich with vitamin C known also for boosting the immune system, help fight cancer, bad cholesterol, inflammation, production of collagen which makes the skin more younger looking.

This LSC detox is good for people who wants to flush toxins away and achieve a healthier internal organs. With this LSC detox water, it helps in preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, neutralizes uric acid, constipation, and also improves skin, hair and nails.  LSC helps you stay cooler and calm because of the lemon and cucumber. The strawberry helps with its antioxidant properties and in the production collagen that keeps our skin smoother and younger looking. We all know that the outcome of detoxifying is basically regulating and flushing out of all the toxins of the body.  This Lemon Strawberry Cucumber Detox is one great way to start getting healthy and feeling beautiful inside and out.