Mederma Scar Treatment Cream

I never really had a good soft smooth skin and I have tried different products out there in the market including Dermaroller and Derma Pen. All made a significant change but the trauma it causes my skin is quite scary so I am going down to the basic, topical treatment.

I have been using this topical scar treatment called Mederma and it was very effective because of the acid that really gets into the skin and exfoliate it.


  1.  wash your face with mild soap or just water
  2. pat dry (make sure you leave enough moisture so the skin is ready for absorption)
  3. apply Mederma by gently rubbing it in a circular motion on the affected area or scars.
  4. let it sit overnight

The first application will sting and if you can tolerate it just leave it on overnight, but if it really bothers you just wash it off or get a baking soda paste to neutralize the acid.

It says on the instruction to use it at least 2-4 times daily for a faster result.  Stop usage when desired result is achieved.

That easy.

It will not hurt to give it a try rather than paying for expensive dermatology service.  I know it is frustrating to try every products in the market, but looking for a product that best works for you is all worth it just to achieve the skin you want.

Remember not to expect an overnight result, because trust me, I have been to different dermatologist and skin experts and they too can not perform an overnight miracle.  Patience is a virtue!

If it is worth wanting, if it is worth having then it is worth waiting for! 

I will post progress image after 4 weeks and let us the if this product really works and do a review.