Monday 04182016

Insomnia attack! so off to CVS to get a sleep aid and saw this lady colognes or body mist or whatever they call it.

I usually spray lavender scent on my bed to help me calm down and put myself at ease.  This actually works for me because lavender is one of my favorite scents.

This is what has been purchased tonight.

Tylenol PM Simply Sleep – $6.49 – I use zzzquill and rapid sleep PM before and it works for me, however Zzzquil upsets my tummy the next day and rapud sleep PM really is the best for me.

Essence of Beauty Luscious Peony – $6.99

Essence of Beauty Wind Kissed – $6.99

Essence of Beauty Lilies and Freesia – $6.99

I saved $5.97 for buying 3 Essence of Beauty products, I just want see if I can also use it to give my room a different smell, but spray it actually gave me a headache, it smells like there is a Mexican lady in my room.  The scent is too sweet and it lingers in my nose, my room now smells like flower shop and I guess it’s time to do the laundry.

Paid: $21.49 + tax $1.72 = $23.21

MoP: visa