Singapore Claim World’s Most Powerful Passport, US Fell Sixth

Singaporean Passport is now considered the most powerful passport in the world, after tying with Germany for a period of time. It took the first spot when Paraguay removed the restrictions to Singaporean passport holders, thus gaining the top spot in traveling to 159 countries visa-free or obtaining a visa on arrival.

Ranking for most powerful passports in the world.

  1.  Singapore : 159 Countries
  2. Germany  :  158 Countries
  3. Sweden and South Korea  :  157 Countries
  4. UK, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, Norway and Japan  : 156 Countries
  5. Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal : 155 Countries
  6. USA, Canada,Ireland and Malaysia : 154 Countries
  7. Greece, New Zealand, Australia  : 153 Countries
  8. Malta, Czechia, Iceland  : 152 Countries
  9. Hungary : 150 Countries
  10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia  : 149 Countries

Travelling to different countries and not worrying if you might need a visa to enter their border is a sign of good foreign policy.  The eagle has lost its might when the Trump Administration controversial foreign-policy decisions in building borders up against different countries.

However, the US still remains with the same visa-free score but may drop down because other countries are signing the bi-lateral agreement for a visa-free entry. Thus the US foreign policy may affect the continuous downtrend for the US Passport power.

Are we losing friends now?