Sushi and Teri Little Tokyo

Currently in downtown Los Angeles and a little hungry… Little Tokyo is just around the corner so let us see what we can have for dinner.

There are lots of restaurant around the Little Tokyo village and nothing really fancied my taste, then I saw this restaurant.


Curiosity got into me and made me check what makes this restaurant different from the others. You will be greeted by these nice Japanese ladies and they gave me a menu as I was seated near the window right next to the door.


Of course I was waiting for the chopsticks, because you can actually tell the quality of an Asian restaurant by the chopsticks that are being used.

It did not take me long to get my orders, they are quick from getting the orders and serving it. That is plus for me when it comes service.


I saw that price was not bad at all, so I have decided to try some of their foods. I ordered the shrimp tempura and California roll plus an iced tea. Nothing fancy about the presentation but I can see and feel that it is Japanese food I am having.


California roll is quite soft and they might have used a different kind of rice or something, because the rice was not that sticky and did not hold itself when picked by the chopsticks, it taste alright yet very filling. They have different varieties to choose from and so I ordered another entre and this time it is one of their combos.


The Experience

It is ok, it is just like eating at a Japanese Fastfood restaurant, the place is clean, it is very presentable and organized.  I love the bench type chair where it wraps around the restaurant giving it a real Japanese feel.  The food was fine, not really outstanding, nothing special about it, typical  Japanese food I can say. Though it was kinda bland, I needed to have the right condiments to achieve the taste I wanted, although I like the crispy texture of their tempura, yet the shrimp was still soft ang chewy.  The chicken teriyaki tasted different from the teriyaki I have had before, it feels soggy, and the sauce needs flavoring and kick to it.  Probably it was already passed 8pm so the chef was already tired. Having three orders for the price of $30 is not bad at all, plus the service you get from the warm waitresses are something to be happy with this restaurant.

For the sevice I am giving it 4 stars

For the food it is 3 stars

The restaurant 3 stars

The price is 4 stars

Over all rating is 3.5

Middle of the line but I can recommend this place to people who just want to fill up their tummy and enjoy Japanese food.