Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet

Toucan is a bird native to southern Mexico in Central America. According to the owner, their primary reason why they named the restaurant to this noisy bird is because of their disposition that attracts most tourist due to its distinct sounds it makes that distinctly Toucan.

Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet is located in Festival Supermall Expansion at the upper ground level in Alabang Muntinlupa. The Brazilian inspired design can be noticed from the colours that are so Brazilian in nature. The photos hanging on the wall and the pendant lights spreading out to the ceiling brings out the modern feel or ambience of the restaurant, making it feel very relaxing. The place is very welcoming to all classes.

Started last February 2019, Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet is a very family-oriented buffet restaurant, since they only focus on the quality of the food and services they offer. Although they serve spirits and beers, giving the father and social drinker a chance to enjoy their favourite beverages.

The buffet theme of the restaurant can be given an average cut with being in par with other buffet restaurants, however, the meat that was being served was really awesome. The beef maminha, chicken drumstick, beef pecanha, pork belly, chicken sausage, served cut fresh while being offered on your plate is what we were all excited about, it was really awesome and what I like about it is that even the owner is serving the customers. I just love to see the freshly grilled meat being sliced in front you and you pull it gently to served yourself while the tender juicy part, make your mouth water from excitement.

One thing that really makes paying people to enjoy their dining experience is not just the food, but the outstanding services they provided. I really love it when the servers would go out their way just to provide what you need, and you never even have to ask them because they are ready to ask whatever it is that you may need.