Turn Your Old Shirt Into a Bag

I may not be the frugal type of person and I love bags, wallets and lip balms, but when it comes to recycling anything, that’s what I also love doing.

I have just made a bag out of old shirt and it turned out really nice. It may not be that perfect but carrying around my stuff with it would not be a bad idea at all.  It is a start of something I might also like doing.  As I have mentioned in my page menu, I have this plan of making tote bags or everyday carry-on bags for give aways and hopefully selling some of it so I can fund my www.bottlesandcanes.org charity.

And here is what I have made out of an old button down shirt that was handed to me.

Hope you will like it.


This is how it really looks like in normal lighting. You can see that it was made out of old shirt sewn together and I used an old cheese cloth as its lining. I will be using this to check the quality and if it is sturdy enough to hold all my stuff like ipad, cellphones, wallet, notebook, chargers and laptop.

Wish me luck!