WeWatch Portable Mini Projector

Last time, we introduced the WEWATCH Mini Projector in my Youtube Channel, and we talked about how it is great for so many things including school assignments, presentations (either ad hoc or at events), and home entertainment.  Now, I’d like to talk more about this nice mini projector and some of its great uses.

To begin with, it’s smaller than many/most projectors – only 115x 134 x 175 mm, which is about the size of an open hand. It is also lightweight – only 1.1 kg, and it uses only 65 W in full operation – about the same as a typical light bulb.  It is also very quiet – only < 30 dB fan noise.  You can barely hear it!  Yet it has great screen resolution – 1920 x 1080 Pixels, which provides a high-quality picture with a screen size of 40” to 120”.  Not bad for $??, huh?

This mini projector is also very versatile and easy to operate.  It easily connects with any device via a USB or HDMI cable (cables not included), or wireless via Screen Casting using any Android or Apple/iPhone (iOS) supported device.  Once connected, the only adjustment you’ll have to make is to focus the image on the wall or projector screen – a piece of cake!

Given its compact size, high-quality picture and sound, and ease of use, it is an ideal staple to have around for:

1) Students – very convenient for in-classroom presentations from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  It is also quick/easy whenever you meet with your friends/classmates for group projects.

2) Professionals – great for ad hoc presentations when meeting with teammates or clients, and for planned presentations at conferences, symposia, or other planned events.  Just throw it in your car with your laptop and a USB or HDMI cable.

3) Home use:  Great for sharing pictures, videos, when gathering with family and friends.  Just plug it into a nearby 110-Volt outlet use the wireless Screen Casting connection to your Android or iPhone device.  This also makes it very easy to switch between users, so everyone can share!  In fact, you might consider it a good alternative to a large, bulky, and expensive wall-mounted television.

And these are just to name a few.  I bet you can think of many other great uses for this compact, versatile, easy-to-use device! As for me, all I can say is now that I have mine, I don’t know how I ever got by without it!

And lastly, It has quickly become a staple for myself and my family.  It is fairly inexpensive, yet it provides a high-quality picture that is crisp and clear plus great sound.  It will easily connect with just about any computer, tablet or smartphone via USB, a USB memory stick with your favourite movies or with an online streaming program, HDMI or Screen Casting using an Android or iPhone/any device using Apple iOS).  It also has a headphone jack.  It is very lightweight and small, so it’s easy to pack with your clothes or simply to have in your car for unanticipated use.