A Dog Hater Daughter and A Dog Murderer Father

I just saw this on Facebook and quite trending on Twitter.  This is all about a girl being so proud that her police officer father shot an innocent dog because it was irritating them.  What is disturbing about this scenario is that this girl is quite proud and has the audacity to post it on her Facebook page and seem to be happy that their neighbor’s dog was killed by her father.

fb_img_1458688463560.jpgRoxi Cecilio Lizardo :”ang ingay nung aso ng kapitbahay! ayun binaril ni pudra. #medyoghetto” – “our neighbor’s dog is noisy! My father shot it. “kindaghetto”.

Troy Suelto : “Thuglife ah!!! hahahahaha” – “thughlife! hahahaha”

Roxi Cecilio Lizardo : “tegibells ang aso! Haha. Tawa kame ng tawa ni alli. TRoy Suello. – “The dog is dead! haha. Alli and I were laughing so much. Troy Suello.

Troy Suelto : “Bigyan nyo ng shades si tito pti tobacco hahaha” – “Give tito a shades and tobacoo hahahah”

Roxi Cecilio Lizardo : ” May lahi pala ung asong nabaril, Iyak ung may ari. Pataay” – “The dog is pure breed and the owner cried. Dead”

Allizon Villanueva : “parang deer hunter eh whahah” – “Just like a deer hunter huh whahah”

Troy Suelto : “Hahahahahahah #medyobadboy kaya brad wag ka maingay jan alam na amngyayare hahahahahaha” – “hahahahaha #kindabadboy brother so don’t be noisy and you know what’s going to happen hahahahaha”


What is really disturbing about this scenario is that this girl is testing the law and here is the Facebook post she made when people are staring to question here evil and inhumane thinking.

screenshot_2016-03-22-16-36-57.pngPAWS – Philippines Animal Welfare Society

Roxi Cecilio Lizardo : “Kung akala niyong mapapahamak kami? No no no.  Kaya naming isettle yang PAWS” – “If you think we will get in trouble? No no no.  We can settle this with PAWS”

Roxi Cecilipo Lizardo : ” Anong akala niyo samen? Walang pambayad sa asong may breed? May trabaho po kami!! Actually, yung owner ng aso, we’re in good terms.  Kaya wala kayong karapatan ijudge kami! ” – What do you think of us? We don’t have money to pay for pure a breed dog? We have jobs!! Actually, the owner of the dog, we’re in good terms.  So you don’t have the right to judge us!”


Roxi Cecilio Lizardo : “ So it wasn’t our fault kung narindi kami ng tatay ko sa tahol ng aso.  Kayo kaya?!  Madaling araw ng umuuwi galling sa trabaho.  Wag niyo kameng husgahan, di nyo kame kilala personally!  At yung kumakalat ng headline ” Aso binaril ng walang dahilan” babarilin ba naman yun ng dad ko kung walang dahilan?! Puro kayo judge ee!” – ” So it wasn’t our fault if my dad and I got irritated with that dog barking.  How about you?!  We get home at wee hours from work. Do not judge us, you do not know us personally!  And that headline that says “Dog shot without any reason at all” My dad would not have shot that dog without any reason.  You are all so judgmental!”


Is this the way we should treat the so called man’s bestfriend?  That dog is someone’s baby, the owner must have been devastated to see their baby dead and was shot for any reason.  The fact still remains that someone shot their dog just because it was barking.  Is this the kind of place where we think it is safe?  If they can just kill dog just because, what more if they get irritated with people?  Will they point a gun at someone or even shoot them just because they got irritated?  Being a police officer does not give anybody the right to just fire a gun out of irritation, and being a daughter of a police officer does not give the right to act inhumane and cold blooded towards animals.  This people should be sent to jail!

The way she acted was a clear indication that she was a bitch!  Yes a bitch! a Female dog!  So why make fun of your own kind?  She thinks they are above the law just because they have money and can settle it with the Philippines Animal Welfare and Society.  I don’t know in the Philippines, but here in the United States, it is very clear and it is in the Constitution that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, and all living things must be treated equal and with respect! I do not have any idea if this evil doing has yet been settled or not, but that police office must be fired from his job for not upholding the law.

As of this time, Roxi has deleted here Facebook account, good thing concerned citizens was able to capture and save the post. (cowards)

Calling  Ana of  Philippine Animal Welfare Society , ASPCA, start from here SPCAI  . The Law Republic Act No. 10631