Square Chip Reader

I use handy dandy card reader to charge or collect money from clients or customers.

I have been using this old card swipe from square and also uses paypal here, but I will make a blog about these two card readers and see which one is actually the best one to use.

At any rate, chips are now being used on credit / debit cards for a more secure transaction, so I have decided to join the bandwagon and purchase this square card reader for $29.00.


So out with old…in with the new! It is just the same card reader, nothing fancy about it but the chip reader. The only thing about this square card reader is that, you have to charge it! It needs to be plugged to a power source before you can use it.


The new square card reader with chip is thicker and bigger than the old one. I’m sure it is because of the battery that needs to be charge using USB.  It also has two slots where you use the chip and the other one is for the magnetic strip, kinda cool isn’t it?

Unlike the old square card reader, you do not have to any power source to be able to use and collect money from someone’s credit or debit card.  Just plug it in, raise the volume to maximum and swipe!

Although the advantage of this new square card chip reader is the security for both the payee and the payor. A little bit of inconvenience  won’t hurt for peace of mind.

Price: $29.00 plus tax 2.47 = $31.47

MoP: Paypal credit