Achieve Glass Skin by Skin Reborn


It is very easy to suffer from low self-esteem because of imperfections, particularly on your skin. Just like me, I suffered from acne when I was in High school and college, those nightmares left a mark that really ruined and crushed my self-confidence. I was embarrassed to face people up close because I was afraid that they might see that I do have acne scars on my face, thus making me isolate myself from the crowd.

I have tried so many products, from topical to a rather more painful procedure just to achieve the skin I once had when I was in grade school. I have spent lots of money just to see no result.

Not until recently when a friend of mine offered to try a product which at first I was kind of skeptical because of the frustrations and disappointments I experienced from all the failed products and procedures.

I was introduced to skin reborn.

Using the product is as easy as 1-2-3, and the result was amazing!!!

I used it religiously for 10 days and the result was unbelievable!

There was little to no peeling at all. The only discomfort you will feel was the slight stinging sensation for the first 3 days. It was not as tasking I thought it was going to be. I never liked doing skincare routines, because of commitment you must give in order to attain and maintain the skin you want.

Proper Application

Night Time:

  1. wash face with Skin Reborn kojic soap
  2. Apply Skin reborn Facial Solution with upward stroke using cotton pads or balls.
  3. apply generous amount of Skin reborn Rejuvenating cream (Moisturizing and whitening), and leave it on overnight.

Day Time:

  1. Rub face with ice cubes to close pores (this will also help in eliminating microscopic peels) and to wash off any product you used the night before.
  2. proceed with washing your face with kojic soap.
  3. I apply a small amount of facial solution to my face before applying the sunblock. This is to protect your skin from possible damage UVA and UVB can do.

My face was really red on the first week and small pimples appeared on some parts of my cheeks. I was alarmed at first because I do not want anymore breakouts that may cause anymore scars.

DO NOT SQUEEZE or PICK the PIMPLES! Continue applying the facial solution because it will dry the pimples really quick. To me it was overnight.

The sunblock was kind of purplish or pinkish, and I figured out it was a tinted sunscreen. The sunblock was pigmented to cover up the redness of the skin caused by the peeling. So do not be alarmed.

The best part is… You will get a healthy glowing skin, just like the Korean Glass Skin and yet at a very affordable price of Php280.

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