Kulay Diwa Gallery of Philippine Contemporary Art : A Two Man Art Exhibit

We got invited to see and experience a contemporary work of art in the heart of a very busy metropolitan life in Paranaque. I am an artist myself and I know how artwork can actually change one’s perception about colors, shapes and things, and how you see it through different lights and views.

I have seen so many art exhibits from different parts of the world and one thing that really tickles my curiosity is how the artist’s mind churns whenever they are in a trance creating their work of art from a mere blank sheet of canvass. They transform that blank canvas into a masterpiece that people appreciate and eventually shell out a huge amount of money just to enjoy it in the comfort of their home, and displayed on their favorite wall where they can showcase the beauty of the artist’s creation and their taste on artistry.

We were welcomed into the beautiful ancestral home of the Philanthropist Bobbit Nolasco, where half of it is converted into an art gallery. Entering the door to the left was mesmerizing since the lights can actually give you that intense feeling of seeing something exciting.

A Two Man Show art exhibit entitled ALTERNATE UNIVERSE by Nil G Cap and Rodney Yap

Entering the exhibit was really a jaw-dropping start; however, there is one artwork that really caught my attention, and that was the collage of Artwork on paper, a collaborative effort of Nil Cap and Rodney Yap. A collage of papers from different sources attached and glued together to form an art that tells and creates a different story

Another set that will blow your curiosity is that of the paintings that depict Filipino folklore where it shows how wild the Filipino imaginations can be. It reminds me of my childhood when the elderly would scare me not to stay out too late because of the certain mythological creatures that could either harm you or give you a shiver up your spine. The eyes that stare at you behind the bushes and tall grasses, the hungry nestlings that chirp of hunger as if the mother was ready to jump at you and feed you to her nestlings, and the mythological Bakunawa who eats the moon during an eclipse. It was all shown in these photos made by Nil G Cap.

Another set of paintings that is worth checking out is an artwork made by Rodney Yap depicting the earthquake in central Mindanao. The paintings show motion and chaos during the earthquake and the fear and emotions of someone’s face. Looking right through it and focusing on the painting, you can actually feel as if it will come out of the painting to make you feel the catastrophe.

Rodney Yap’s creation the Sarimanok ironically makes me think of a phoenix. Perhaps it is all because of the red moon that signifies danger or evil intent. From my own perspective, this painting shows a Sarimanok ready to offer a sacrifice to the blood moon in order to avoid massive destruction.

About the Artists

RODNEY P. YAP is an internationally recognized visual artist from Davao. He leads the Rodney Yap School of Arts and Thoughts and the Art de Triomphe Mentoring Program in Davao City.

His Work is distinctive in that, as a post-modernist, he synthesizes works – blending abstraction and symbolism, threading layers of color and even fusing street and urban art. A member of the International Museum of Fantastic Art in Vienna and in 2013 Dusan Magazine in Malaysia included him the Best in Asia Region Edition.

Yap won many awards and represented the Philippines to different art exhibitions in different countries. His artworks are in the collection of art institutions, museum and private collections around the world. His extensive experience is in curating exhibitions and developing concepts for public and urban arts in the Philippines and abroad.

NIL CAPINIANES is a native of Ilolilo with a degree in Architecture. He is a member of the Iloilo Visual Artists Collective and a founding member of Pintanao Arts Group in Davao.

Capinianes works incorporate the theme and characters of Philippines mythology. His “Alternate Universe” depicts the old folklore myths in the modern-day setting. His “bakunawa” or the serpent-like dragon that causes the eclipse by eating the moon and causing earthquakes, rains and wind is one of the traits of his creations. Another work of art of Capinianes, “The Taglugar” is all about respecting nature in order to avoid misery. These are all included in his “Alternate universe” collection showing old beliefs and myths through his painting and retelling the story in the present modern time.

Capinianes and Yap’s collections are available to the public, and you can check their exhibits schedules by visiting the Kulay Diwa Gallery Facebook page.

Kulay Diwa Gallery Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KulayDiwa/