Shrinksta Sexy Brew – Coffee and Milk Tea

I have been sedentary for the past few weeks because of my busy schedule. With vlogging and blogging, attending events and promotions, meeting people and food reviews; I have noticed an elevation in my weight even without stepping on that dreadful weighing scale. Yes, it can actually give me a heart attack seeing how the numbers speed up to a higher value.

Thankfully, Shrinksta mailed me two boxes of coffee and milk tea and told me that they can actually help me lost weight without working out. Of course, working out and exercise will always be the best way to achieving a good physique and be healthy, Shrinkta helped me with my food intake.

Instant Milk Tea and Coffee

A cup of this instant coffee or a glass of milk tea makes me feel full and suppresses my hunger for a period of time. Making me eat less, but still, feel active and fully energized.

Shrinksta Milk Tea and Coffee

I am very acidic so I am very picky when it comes to the kind of coffee I drink and with Shrinksta I never had that acidic reaction or reflux that makes me feel uncomfortable the whole day. It does not make me feel bloated or distended, and we know that coffee is diuretic, I never had the urge to rush to the restroom, but it regulates my bowel movement.

With its premium blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients that help to achieve weight loss goals plus it also promotes healthy blood circulation and stronger immune system.

Shrinksta is gluten-free, it is also dairy-free that is why it is lactose-intolerant friendly. There are NO eggs, nuts and it is 100% pure organic herbal extracts and vegan.

That is why they stick to their tag line “Your weight management BFF is here”.

Give it a try and I highly recommend Shrinksta.