Tokyo Bubble Tea – The best Milk Tea?

I was on my way to do my laundry and while walking along One Orchard Road in Eastwood city, I saw this outside setup that really caught my attention. It was so cute and very inviting, makes me want to just sit there are do people watching. At first, I thought it was just part of Eastwood’s sidewalk where you can sit down and relax, then curiosity grew in me. They have a restaurant!

Japanese style seats of Tokyo Bubble Tea

So I told myself I will come back and check it out after I drop my laundry off and see what Tokyo Bubble Tea has to offer. So when I came back, I immediately went in and check their menu, while looking around. The place is kind of quaint inside and can only serve a few customers dine. The server was really accommodating, even though I look like trash because I was not really expecting I will be eating anytime soon. That is a point for them, Tokyo Bubble Tea. I asked the waiter about their best seller and he recommended the Royal Milk Tea with Egg Pudding and bubble, which to me is the best!

It was served chilled with very milky taste, but not too sweet that can give you a sugar rush. It has this yolk like pudding, hence, egg pudding and with bubble/tapioca. It was so refreshingly good, can quench thirst and still enjoy the taste of milk tea.

Checking the menu I saw different mouthwatering food that got my appetite wet and ordered Crunchy Midori Maki, which is at that time was the best to tie me up. It was a hit for me, I told myself I will be coming back.

My second and third visits were the same. I got myself a different drink the Taro JCC, but this time I tried their red velvet cake. It was kinda late during the time so it was kinda dry, however, the taste of the velvet cake remains the same. The third visit was with my vlog squad and we ordered different kinds of cake slices, but one thing that stands out is my all-time favourite, the tiramisu!

Now, what do I like about Tokyo Bubble Tea Eastwood City branch?

Besides the Royal Milk Tea with egg pudding and bubble, I really like the Japanese table they have outside their establishment. This part of the restaurant is perfect for groups who wish to just enjoy being together and be themselves without disturbing or distracting other customers. The price is very reasonable knowing that their location is in Eastwood city where everything is quite expensive. The servers were good, just ignore the manager or supervisor who does not seem very welcoming, and you will definitely enjoy the ambience. I like the colourful pastel colours, giving the restaurant a very unique Japanese flair. The negative part is very minimal like they have no restroom, and you have to go out of the establishment to find the nearest restroom. The airconditioning was not satisfying, that they need to use blowers just to keep the customer cooler.

I find this place instagrammable and it is very conducive to learning and if you are into writing or creating content, I highly recommend this place, due to no pressure to buy lots of food just to keep your spot. I am not sure if they have WiFi, but having no internet connection can contribute to being mnore focus on what you are there for.